Gorilla Snacks 

GG4 x Guinness

Grown and bred by Heroes of the Farm

Cannabinoid content: 22.3% THC

Terpene content: 0.55% beta-caryophyllene, 0.37% limonene, 0.21% myrcene, 0.15% humulene, 0.07% linalool and bisabolol. Total: 1.42%

About the farm: Amid a clearing in Sandy's dense timberlands, Heroes of the Farm grow a menu of house-created cultivars lush with both striking flavors and powerful highs. These Heroes do their good deeds from within a series of sun-assisted indoor environments and utilize organic-equivalent nutritional inputs.

Aroma and flavor: A nostalgic hot-pencil-eraser aroma best characterizes Gorilla Snacks' scent and flavor—a burnt-rubber quality that's undeniably present from first whiff to exhale. If this description makes you smoke-thirsty, then you've found a new best friend.

Effects: The old-timers behind Heroes have a way with their unique, house-bred flowers, and their Gorilla Snacks is the showstopper of the bunch. It's a solid improvement on the out-of-vogue classic GG4 that brings some extra mood elevation to the table with the Scooby Snacks-inspired Guinness. It's a cultivar for the heads who want something exceptionally powerful—well beyond what's suggested by the strain's cannabinoid content—hitting body and mood notes with equal depth and hammer strength, imparting a drowsy, almost-functional experience that courts the cheeky side of upbeat.

Where to get it: Attis Trading; 2606 SE Gladstone St., 971-544-7685; 7737 SW Barbur Blvd., 503-841-5462.

One Star

Lemon G x I-95

Grown by Archive, bred by Tierra Rojo

Cannabinoid content: 26.7% THC, 0.6% CBD

Terpene content: N/A.

About the farm: Though the Burnside Garden Collective has been operating out of the same Northeast Portland warehouse since the med era, it recently took off the mask and changed its name to Archive, aligning with the rest of its brand family. The Archive breeding collective holds one of the most extensive collections of living cannabis genetics not only in Oregon but the world—roughly 750 cultivars registered with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission and sourced directly from a diverse population of breeders across the country.

Aroma and flavor: The cross of Lemon G and I-95 takes after the former with zingy lemon and orange notes while reflecting the latter's gassy, astringent hallmarks. It's a sharp, crisp smoke that tastes as good or better than, frankly, most actual oranges—and offers greater complexity.

Effects: It's appropriate morning-time weed—it's not gonna put you back in bed, but the energy it offers can be of the directionless sort. Combined with moderate body notes, One Star results in a wakeful but relaxed high. It's weed for amateur philosophers and idea-having types that tastes fucking great.

Where to get it: Archive Portland, 10645 SE Henry St., Suite B, 503-719-4229.

Black Widow

White Widow x unknown South Indian sativa-dominant hybrid

Grown by Trichome Farms, bred by Mr. Nice

Cannabinoid content: 25.6% THC, 0.24% CBG, 0.22% CBC

Terpene content: 2.5% terpinolene, 0.87% cis-ocimene, 0.59% beta-myrcene, 0.13% beta-pinene, 0.13% delta-limonene. Total: 4.86%

About the farm: When Ted Gurin turned 18, the lights came on over his first Oregon medical marijuana garden. Fifteen years later, Gurin's still at it, presently serving as co-owner and master grower at Trichome Farms, an indoor operation located in Dundee.

Aroma and flavor: Black Widow's scent opens sweet and bright—buttery coconut and silk-soft vanillas wrinkled by a prickly, citrus element. The combination is less Creamsicle, more macaroon or tart, and once fire is added to the flower, the nose play cools for qualities minty and herbaceous.

Effects: Terpinolene-dominant strains like Black Widow can be a little tricky in that they reliably elevate a consumer's mood and often get the sativa labeling for that reason. But in addition to enhancing a person's sense of well-being, terpinolene-rich cultivars are observed to be reliable sedatives—a trait more commonly associated with the indica shelf. Black Widow's high can be characterized as cozy, emotionally warm and cognitively lucid, offering itself as a suitable bedtime joint if a busy mind is what's keeping you from your z's.

Where to get it:  Available at multiple dispensaries.