When the sky is filled with clouds for eight months of the year, the onset of summer means drastically switching up your routine. Rain-outs are swapped for backyard barbecues, game nights become camping trips, indoor activities go open-air—and cannabis consumers gain numerous seasonal opportunities to enjoy some green.

Yet summer hot spots don't always lend themselves to getting high in the usual ways.

If you've ever tried to roll a joint on the beach, you know what I'm talking about.

There are better ways. Welcome to your guide to getting high in the summer.

Disposable vape pens are perfect for losing on the beach!

Sandy and invariably wind-swept, beaches are prohibitive to the majority of ways people get high. Joints and pipes are out due to wind, and flower vapes are vulnerable to salted air and moisture. Bongs aren't the most respectful option, and edibles aren't recommended for making your way back to your Airbnb in one piece. Enter the disposable concentrate pen—unaffected by wind, inexpensive and ready to lose. The Traveler by Winberry ($35) is my favorite throwaway concentrate pen—attractive, sturdy and leagues more flavorful than competing products.

Go stealth at an outdoor concert with a THC inhaler!

There's no better way to awaken the professional responsibilities of an otherwise docile security guard than to light up at a show. Avoid a bad time by embracing your stealth mode: One Gro's THC inhalers ($60) blend into plain view—these look and perform exactly like traditional asthma inhalers—while effectively keeping your buzz going. When security searches your purse or backpack, they won't look twice at an inhaler. Nobody wants to be responsible for taking away someone's life-saving medicine, nor do they want to answer for an ambulance call. Just peel off the state-mandated exclamation leaf sticker and you're good to go.

Pull the trigger on that portable flower vape you've been eyeing and go camping!

The general remoteness of camping means there isn't much need to hide your weed, so it's time to break out that loud jar. But Vapey the Bear would like to remind you not to burn down another national park this summer. Portable herbal vaporizers are an ideal, combustion-free option that makes your preferred cultivar consumable without any worry of accidentally starting a fire. In terms of device choices, my top recommendation goes to the Firefly 2—mainly because it comes with an extra battery ($329)—but the AirVape X ($179) is great, too, as is the Pax 3 ($199).

Spruce up your backyard potluck with a gorgeous and satisfyingly functional ceramic bong!

There's no bigger barbecue turnoff than a blackened, crusty glass tube sitting next to a platter of ribs. Your gingham-tablecloth potluck just entered adulthood thanks to Summerland's stoner-chic family of attractive, minimalist ceramic bongs ($225-$270). Summerland's Land Yacht Terra Cotta series encompasses our preferred social consumption objects of the season. Smooth hits are carried up an unfinished ceramic exterior that conceals a glazed inner chamber, coated in a glossy finish that ensures flavor more pure than what's expected of typical ceramic pieces.

Oh, so you didn't listen to me, ate a 50 mg gummy on the beach, and then woke up to a gnarly sunburn?

It happens to the best of us. Lesson learned. Now that you're a lobster, heal those burns with OM Remedies Cooling Balm ($25)—a 1-to-1 THC-to-CBD balm that contains eucalyptus, sandalwood and several citrus-derived essential oils to provide a cooling sensation on the skin. It works on bug bites, too. And if you'd like to avoid the vacation-ruining sunburn all together, you can buy one of the many CBD-infused sunblocks readily available via Google search, though we honestly have no idea if adding cannabinoids to suntan lotion offers any protective benefits. So remember your grain of salt if you go this route.