Lunchbox Alchemy is getting into the 5 mg gummy game with its latest confection, Tangos. Each pack holds 10 chewy, sour edibles infused with 5 mg THC apiece. The rainbow-colored packaging and mixed fruit flavors have a very Sour Patch Kids feel to them, with quirky marketing that features faces with puckered expressions and the words "Tart it up!" emblazoned across a multicolored background.

The company has been around since the medical days, first making a splash with the Squib, a 100 mg puck of gummy candy that brought one of our writers to his knees. The Squib is a metaphor for the early days of legal pot shopping, an embodiment of serious bang for your buck. These days, Squibs contain 50 mg each—the legal limit per item in Oregon. In my opinion, the sour sugar-coated Tangos are significantly tastier than the Squibs, and I'd rather eat two Tangos than take a half bite of a Squib.

The Experience

After eating half of one Tango around 4 pm, I didn't experience much more than a pleasant mood lift at the end of my day. I do have the tolerance of a daily flower smoker, but I'd skipped lunch so my stomach was also empty enough to maximize any effects. I began to feel the effects about a half-hour after eating it, which was more obvious when I ate a whole Tango the following evening.

How I Spent My High

One Tango down just before 6 pm, and I started feeling that familiar lull of an edible high around 7:15 pm. I began chopping ingredients for dinner but was derailed for a good 20 minutes looking for a comedy special to put on for background entertainment. The high hit hardest about a half-hour after that—an hour after eating it on an empty stomach—when the simultaneous activity of rice-cooking, tofu-frying, and bok choy-stirring felt a tad overwhelming. But I was standing upright without struggle. I didn't want to retreat to a fetal position on my couch, but I did wish I was done cooking. After a couple hours, I was closer to sober than high—that sort of residual high when you'd much rather listen and observe than talk and interact.

The Takeaway

If it'd been the weekend, when I had nothing on the schedule but a hike or a Netflix binge, I'd have happily eaten a second. But for someone who only smokes flower, even a 5 mg edible can make you feel a little weirder and self-conscious than you'd like. It won't put you in the Sunken Place, but those who don't regularly vape, dab or eat edibles, wait at least an hour and a half before deciding you want to get two Tangos deep.

Counting all feelings of remote stoniness, the overall duration of the high of one Tango is two to four hours. While some edibles are great fits for medical relief, this sugar-coated gummy errs more toward candy than supplement. For anyone experiencing depression or even a bit of gloom, this will help you soak in some sunshine with a lighter disposition. But I wouldn't recommend it for those who deal with anxiety—at least not on a weeknight—as even one Tango on an empty stomach gave me about 10 minutes of that slightly uncomfortable feeling that could've been exasperating if I were in public or actually had shit to do.

The Bottom Line

Tangos are the ultimate sour candy to go with a movie, a stony Sour Patch Kid of tart, juicy fun best spent without complicated tasks on the horizon.