Stonedware Purse Pipe

Regardless of how advanced or particular your own smoking habits have become, a basic handheld pipe always comes in handy. Maybe Mom wants to light up after Christmas dinner but has no business attempting to dab, or perhaps that viewpoint on the hike is far too windy to roll a joint. Whatever the situation, the Purse Pipe—a more strictly geometric little sister to Stonedware's standard GeoPipes—is the epitome of a perfect handheld ceramic pipe, with a more generous bowl size of around five hits than tiny one-hitters of the same streamlined shape. In matte black or matte white, it's a piece that will never go out of style. LY.

CCell Palm

CCell's Palm is the thin, rectangular vape battery that couples with an internally housed concentrate cartridge to protect your investment while disrupting the e-cig look of traditional pen-shaped options. A magnetic coupling ring screws onto a standard 510-thread cartridge, which makes swapping your flavors quick and hassle-free. The buttonless battery kicks on when you take a draw, and there are no temperature dials. The it-just-works design might not be for absolutely everyone, but it's ideal for newcomers, fits neatly in a fifth pocket, and produces ample vapor. MS.

Luminous Botanicals Dew

If you haven't tried swapping traditional lubricants for cannabis-infused oils, you're missing out. The silky oil, made with CBD from East Fork Cultivars or THC from Green Source Gardens, creates a comfortable layer that lasts longer than silicone or water-based formulas. The THC blend may enhance sensation for men and women, and the CBD-THC blend can soothe the wrong kind of friction. One reason you maybe haven't tried an erotic topical yet is the $70-plus price tag, but this petite pump bottle is a great way to dip into the realm of sexy cannabis for half the average price. LY.

Make & Mary Candle Set

The artist behind Make & Mary, the consumption-friendly craft series, has developed a line of real cannabis-infused products just in time for the gifting season, including a range of exquisitely scented candles in one-of-a-kind ceramic holders. In addition to the fresh, spicy scent of hemp-derived cannabis oil, the Northern Light candles are made with cypress, fir balsam, eucalyptus, cedarwood, jasmine and sandalwood essential oils. This set includes five tea light-sized candles and a holder by local ceramist Peaches and complement any indoor smoking session. LY.

Junk Dynamites

The holidays are all about spreading love and joy in as many directions as possible. Not only are edibles great for teasing out the light side of the soul, but Pop Rocks are probably America's most entertaining candy. Junk—an offshoot of chocolatiers Leif Goods—makes its Dynamites in "Juicy Watermelon THC and Sour Orange 3:2 high CBD." They're also relatively low-dose and definitely shareable if you're wary of ingesting 15 mg of THC in a sitting. Priced at roughly $15, it's an easy add-on to any gift basket you might have planned. MS.

Peppermint Pie

In my monthly flower column, I've mentioned multiple strains from breeder Cannarado's recent line of Grape Pie crosses—including Boring Weed Co.'s excellent Grape Durban and Pot of Gold's Golden Grape—but the flight of Peppermint Pie phenotypes by 7 Points Oregon, currently available exclusively through Green Box, is the deepest study in this recent crowd of standout flowers. It also exists as something of an anomaly. Whereas other strains from Cannarado's lineup take after their namesake in olfactory impressions—fruity, sweet and of-the-vine—the Peppermint Pie, which calls White Durban mom, is a left turn into territories minty, camphorous and cool. Green Box has six different unique examples of the cross, spanning savory, chocolate, Kush-familied, and titular in aroma and flavor. All offer varying degrees of candy cane. If you wanna slip something truly unique and seasonally appropriate into your beloved flower snob's stocking, check for these strains. MS.