In its natural state, weed is not remotely sexy.

It's sticky in an "I need to wash my hands before we do anything" kind of way, and the resin left behind ruins any lace or silk.

But weed is romantic.

The right dose of cannabis brings down walls of strategic self-awareness, reveals true insights and interests and tends to enhance your sense of humor. It can lower your desire and ability to multitask, meaning any time you spend with your significant other is quality time. And getting high together always becomes something of a date—you plan tasty snacks around a special concert or Netflix release, cordoning off a few hours to enjoy together without extraneous obligations.

Whether it's Valentine's Day, a random date night, or just a free Tuesday afternoon, here are six products infused with love and guaranteed to spice things up.

GMO Cookies by the Heights Co.

$15 per gram

Instead of a box of chocolates, how about an eighth of cookies? Strains with Girl Scout Cookies genetics tend to have an uplifting, euphoric effect that lightens the mood, and the formidable Heights Co. cultivates several. Try the heavy-hitting GMO Cookies or Do-Si-Dos for a movie night in, or the buzzier Gelato before a dinner out. The farm is known for clean practices and chemical-free nutrients and made it onto the shelves of dispensaries with high standards for organic product.

Buy it at: Farma, 916 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 503-206-4357,

Spicy Passionfruit Gumdrops by Serra

Two-pack for $5, 10-pack for $15

To be honest, I was pretty unfamiliar with the flavor of passionfruit prior to trying this tasty edible. But the slightly piquant flavor isn't too sweet, which goes well with the herbal addition of full-spectrum cannabis extract. The chewy, gummy texture has a mild fruitiness, followed by the heat of Thai chilies. Truly, it's like a candy for grown-ups. Each gumdrop contains 5 mg of THC, so eat half if you don't frequently consume cannabis. Regular users can eat one at a time—two if you dab on the daily.

Buy it at: Electric Lettuce, 6950 SW 105th Ave., Beaverton, 503-746-5193,

Corazon by Yerba Buena

$10 per gram

Enjoying cannabis as a couple does not have to mean getting stoned. Achieve a more present sense of calm with this high-CBD flower from award-winning Yerba Buena. It's a great introduction to casual cannabis that presents a low risk of anxiety, paranoia or significantly intoxicating effects. For weeknights, a serene joint session ensures a relaxed evening that doesn't include eating half the pantry, plus restorative sleep and a hangover-free morning.

Buy it at: Nectar Mississippi, 4125 N Mississippi Ave., 503-206-4818,

Luminous Botanicals Dew


OK, so weed can be sexy when it's an edible sensual lubricant. No, not like the artificial strawberry-flavored bottles sold at adult stores. Luminous Botanicals' simple, discreet vial of Dew contains a base blend of organic nut oils, without any sugars or artificial flavors, and Clean Green-certified cannabis extract, in a THC- and CBD-dominant formula. Skin absorbs the oil differently, creating a pleasant, therapeutic response in localized areas. The oil formula is more effective and enjoyable than any silicone- or water-based product.

Buy it at: Urban Farmacy, 420 NE 60th Ave., 503-957-7832,

Empower Topical Relief Oil

$28 for 9 ml

If you're working with more square footage than just the erogenous zones, you need a massage-oriented oil like Empower BodyCare. Pick from the 1 THC-to-1 CBD or the all-CBD formula, but for relieving sore muscles, I recommend opting for the 1-to-1. The bit of THC has a more immediate relieving effect, while CBD is better suited to treat more chronic inflammation issues. Both are lightweight oil blends amplified with lavender, bergamot and wintergreen essential oils that set a mood on their own, and the compact roll-on packaging makes them perfect for tossing in the weekend bag for a getaway.

Buy it at: Silver Stem, 1926 NE 40th Ave., 503-208-2074,

Car Sex by Barbari


Barbari's Herbal Blends are weed's best friend. The carefully concocted mixes of herbs and flowers don't contain any cannabis but are formulated to be rolled with weed to make a rich, flavorful herbal spliff. They also serve as loose-leaf tea to be brewed and sipped, and burnt in a dish as fragrant incense. This blend contains peppermint, wild dagga flower, raspberry leaf, and sage, and was developed for Portugal the Man's pop-up merch bus at the band's McMenamins Edgefield show last summer. The multiuse product goes one step further, as 100 percent of profits from the Car Sex blend go to the Native American Youth and Family Center of Portland.

Buy it at: