As any Portlander knows, the onset of spring and summer sunshine is as intoxicating as anything you could eat, drink or smoke.

One minute it's raining nonstop and the next Portlanders are wandering around sun-drunk, marveling at their bare arms and suddenly joyous dispositions. As spring fades into summer and with it comes camping, beach and park picnic season, you can enhance that seasonal bliss with a few carefully chosen cannabis products that will play along just right.

Carefree Caramels with Fine Water Hash

These salty-sweet treats are packed with terpenes, giving your taste buds the exciting contrast between delectable burnt sugar and funky, herbaceous hash. With a texture not unlike the pulled taffy you had at summer destinations as a kid, Carefree Caramels feel a little nostalgic, while also providing a very pleasant body high that pairs nicely with time spent outside chasing sunsets. At a generous 50 mg per caramel, the consistency can make it a little hard to precisely portion the candy out—but if you don't mind a bit of a walk on the wild side, you'll be licking the wrapper by the time the candy is gone.

Lady J's Northern Lights

A pack of pre-rolls always comes in handy when you know you're going to be puff-puff-passing with friends on the go. Lady J's are extra great for summer, however, with tasty strains tucked into pretty pastel packaging à la Miami Vice. Think of any Lady J's variety you buy as the rosé of joints—a delicious crowd pleaser that's unapologetically feminine. Best of all, the paper burns evenly, the bud is fresh, and they smoke clean right down to the pink filter.

Relax Raspberry 1:1 Pearl Gummies from Grön

When the weather heats up, it's time for lemonade. No, not the Beyoncé album—though throwing it on is certainly never a bad idea. Portland's Grön makes infused chocolates so fine they live up to the company's Swiss name, and it has now turned its talents to another type of candy. Grön's spherical, sugarcoated gummy treats are just right for when you need a little lift but aren't in a smoke-friendly space, like a campground or your friend's brand-new car. With a variety of flavors like raspberry lemonade, strawberry and tangerine, it'll be anything but a cruel summer—unless you get flummoxed by the slightly frustrating packaging.

Enjoy Cannabis Shots

From music festivals to road trips to family reunions, a lot of summer's quintessential activities lend themselves to keeping your cannabis consumption on the down low. Enjoy Cannabis Shots come in little bottles that look kind of like energy shots, and helpfully have 5 mg measurements printed on the side, so you can see how much of the bottle you're consuming. You can treat these like a flask for discreet drinking, play sip-sip-pass with your pals, or mix and match with your favorite sodas, juices and seltzers for refreshing cannabis cocktails. Sláinte!

New Highs CBD Tincture

Sometimes you don't want to get high, you just want to really, really relax while you dig into that beach read or get hypnotized by the dogs dashing around Laurelhurst Park. New Highs CBD tincture comes in a cute, chubby bottle and has a subtle, neutral flavor, thanks to plenty of coconut oil. That makes it easy to blend into your morning smoothie or coffee, or to simply hold under your tongue for a few seconds when you need a little chill. Ideal for morning micro-dosing or regular use, this simple formula is easy to slot into your minimalist summer-hours routine.