7 Points Oregon’s Best-Selling Cultivar Is the Product of a “Random Accident”

They call it Voyager 1.

(Ian Stout)

Location: Portland

Signature Strain: Voyager 1, a pleasant and pleasing citrusy bouquet reminiscent of limoncello or kumquats that produces a focused, cerebral high.

The 7 Points setup, inside an average-looking warehouse in Southeast Portland, is fairly unremarkable—except for the fact a "unicorn" was born there. They call it Voyager 1. "It came to us from a single bag seed via one of our growers," says sales and production manager Danny Pineda. "The odds that a single plant from some random accident went on to become our best-selling cultivar is like literally winning the lottery." But it's more than luck that makes the green grass grow. The name of the company may be 7 Points, but when it comes to producing great cannabis, the team prides itself on three points of emphasis: providing the best possible growing environment, using quality organic inputs, and good, old-fashioned, tried-and-true love. Since placing first in the THC Indoor category at Cultivation Classic 2018, Voyager 1 has emerged as the queen of 7 Points' Clean Green Certified kingdom of chemovars and it's a case study in helping each plant reach its full potential to ensure "the cleanest most flavorful cannabis possible." TIARA DARNELL.

Where to Find It: Electric Lettuce, Farma, Oregon's Finest, Serra.

(Ian Stout)

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