Location: Portland

Signature Strain: Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, a prestigious iteration of this euphoric and flavorful cult favorite that makes everything more fun, no matter your tolerance.

An award-winning boutique farm operated by the same handful of people that started it, Ten Four is an old-school-minded gem with one of the best cuts of Girl Scout Cookies in town. Steve Martinez had grown cannabis since about 1998, and once he got experience in the medical industry budtending at Pure Green, he went off on his own to make a name in the legal market. Teaming up with friends Tyler Ramberg and Scott Rigney, who formerly ran Rancho Verde farm and received their phenomenal Cookie cut from a renowned Oakland farm called IC Collective, the three of them work in all stages of the grow to this day, from the nursery to the trim room and the sales calls, proud of the consistent quality they've produced as a small business. There is one assistant in the garden and one administrative employee to help with accounting and OLCC tracking. Rather than opting for a trim machine to free up the few hands available, traditional approaches like trimming by hand have never been questioned. Lyrics from Willie Nelson's "Roll Me Up" function as a mission statement on the website's home page—clearly, this is Oregon craft cannabis at its realest. LAUREN YOSHIKO.

Where to find it: Attis Trading Company, Chalice Farms, Progressive Collective, Pure Green, Tree House Collective, the Vth.