Location: Sandy

Signature Strain: Lite Me Up, a cross of Durban Poison and an unknown strain of CBD, creating a perfect marriage of focus and creative stimulation whose functional effects are perfect for the newcomer and the exacting connoisseur alike.

Nestled on a fertile plateau in the shadow of Mount Hood, right along its namesake river, Bull Run Craft Cannabis grows award-winning cannabis flower with minimal environmental impact—some of which directly supports animal rescue efforts. It may sound a little woo-woo, but it's the farm's shared love for rescue dogs and dedication to partnering with organizations like Darby & Gracy's Animal Rescue that binds the tight-knit team that collectively produced one of the state's most widely lauded chemovars: Lite Me Up. Just don't ask them to tell you much about it. "We kind of hilariously don't even know exactly what the makeup is," says Bull Run co-founder John Plummer. "Our [co-founder], Big Steve, was crossing chemovars years ago when his then-girlfriend was sick with cancer and he was trying to find something to help save her. Happily, he did, and they're still together. But in all his mad-scientist trials he didn't keep very good notes, so it's a bit of a mystery." A high-CBD showstopper, Lite Me Up took home first place in the Type II: Mixed Ratio category at the 2018 Cultivation Classic. It's celebrated as an example that excellence in cannabis isn't always dependent upon astronomical levels of THC. TIARA DARNELL.

WHERE TO FIND THEM: Bridge City Collective, Chalice Farms, Electric Lettuce, Farma, Jayne, Oregon's Finest, Parlour Cannabis Shoppe, the People's Dispensary, Serra, Silver Stem, Urban Farmacy.