Location: Cave Junction

Signature Strain: Wesley's Wish

East Fork Cultivars is a sun-grown, CBD-focused operation in Southern Oregon dedicated to the production of classic, cannabidiol-rich flower and the development of new, medicinally relevant cannabis. Count on East Fork for an annual yield of some of the finest, trim-to-order flower on the market—you'll also find its handiwork in a growing number of extract, edible and topical manufacturers, like chocolatiers Grön, cartridge makers O.penVAPE and tincture tinkerers Cascadia Herbals. With East Fork, naming a brand-defining chemovar is a toss-up, but Wesley's Wish—named after East Fork founders Aaron and Nathan Howard's late brother—is the clear standout. Described by East Fork as a "happily weathered, grape sorbet and emerald-hued flower that smells like cherry cough syrup served in an overripe orange," that bouquet translates into a delightful earthy soupçon of herbaceous fruitiness when smoked, with a soft and elegant finish and clear-headed, mellow, anxiety- and negativity-free effects. TIARA DARNELL.

Where to Find it: Jayne, Oregon Weedery, Portland Canna Connection.