Location: Canby

Signature Strain: Canbyland, a combination of Cherry Alien and Cherry Pie Starfighter that tastes sweet and sour and produces a mellow, full-body high.

Eco Firma is a farm of many firsts. It was the first farm in the country to nationally, non-anonymously advertise cannabis wholesale. It was also one of Oregon's first farm brands. Though it's probably most notable for the fact that few growers are more obsessive than its founder, Jesse Peters, about reducing environmental impact. Before Peters left his post as Eco Firma's owner last year, he established his Canby farm as an eco-friendly leader in the industry. The two biggest hits to Eco Firma's carbon footprint came from Peters' decision to switch to LED grow lights, and to become Oregon's first wind-powered cannabis farm. But Peters didn't stop at that. His meticulous quest to make Eco Firma the first carbon-neutral cannabis farm in the state included managing everything from farm runoff to paper mail sent from contractors. Though he didn't reach his carbon-neutral goal, Peters says he got 95 percent of the way there, which was enough to make Eco Firma's operations solidly sustainable before he sold the company to Canadian investors C21 in summer 2018. Eco Firma's sustainability model remains the same. "Because of what we implemented in the beginning," Peters says, "it's still humming right along that way." SHANNON GORMLEY.

WHERE TO FIND IT: Chalice Farms, Cured Green, Electric Lettuce, Farma, Green Front, Kaleafa, La Mota, Local Herb, Nectar, Pure Green, Serra.