Location: Oregon City

Signature Strain: Gnome Walker. With a diesel-forward, kushy scent and a sensory cerebral buzz, the mysterious lineage and psychedelic effects leave an impression every session.

Career growers with a love for the plant, the knowledge and passion at Gnome Grown shows with every resin-packed leaf. Grounded in a holistic, eco-sensitive approach, Gnome amends the living soil with leaves and stems that have been composted or fermented. The closed-loop, 30-acre farm takes a biodynamic approach, meaning it works with the land to keep it happy, delivering the nutrients back to the hungry cannabis roots. Wild burdock root, comfrey, sunflowers, nettles, blackberry, purslane, horsetail and a variety of vegetables grow in the soil between cannabis harvests. Old-growth forest surrounds the greenhouses, plus an orchard of fruit trees it incorporates as well through fermented fruit solutions that "increase natural terpene production." Water drawn from the stream that runs through the property is recycled in its own closed-loop system, preventing runoff and maintaining a hearty natural water source. Shots of mushroom tops busting through topsoil and clucking hens pepper the farm's bud-heavy Instagram with a 28.5k strong following. This is a farmer's farm quietly setting the standard for authentic cannabis cultivation. LAUREN YOSHIKO.

Where to find it: Gnome Grown Beaver Creek, Gnome Grown Molalla, Farm Grass Table, Growing Releaf.