Location: Molalla

Signature Strain: Irish Cream, a relaxing, sedating strain with a complex aroma of heavy diesel, floral and musky anise notes.

High Noon has high standards. Its cultivation practices pay particular attention to organic and veganic growing methods, and the payoff is an assortment of dense, high-quality and tasty bud options, packed with clean flavor and devoid of harsh chemicals. An indoor grow built on a pastoral vineyard and apple orchard in the Willamette Valley, High Noon has a "free vibe" that's allowed the team license to test exotic and heirloom flavors, according to founder Tyson Lewis. The signature chemovar is Irish Cream, bred by crossing a male Cookies & Cream plant with a Real McCoy female. After a massive seed hunt from a chosen selection of Irish Cream plants, the standout was seedling No. 146, which fades into a beautiful palette of deep blue, purple and black hues during its final weeks of flower. Over the coming months, Lewis says a whole new line of flavors will be dropping, including Pineapple Cookies, Glazed Apricot Gelato, Triple Chocolate Chip and Crystal Cookies. TIARA DARNELL.

Where to Find It: Bridge City Collective, Cannabliss, Chalice Farms, Collective Awakenings, Electric Lettuce, Farma, Jayne, Oregon Weedery, Portland Pot Shop, Serra, Tetra, TreeHouse Collective, Uplift Botanicals.