Looking For a Place to Toke Up in Portland? Here Are Your (Few) Options

Until the laws change, here’s a guide to smoking spaces and 420-friendly vacation spots offering safe refuge to anyone who’s 21 years of age and has bud to burn.

For all our support of revolutionary cultivation techniques and innovative products, the state of Oregon is old-fashioned when it comes to actually getting high.

The only spaces deemed legal for consumption of any kind must be private and out of public view, forcing anyone living in an apartment or condo where smoking isn't allowed to stick to discreet edibles. Though we've listed the few smoking lounges grandfathered into the recreational era and in a members-only club agreement with the city, the scarcity of options is hurting the industry's growth and the people who helped get cannabis legalized in the first place.

There is some hope. A state Senate bill is in committee this session to enact a licensing system for temporary public events with consumption and sales of cannabis, providing opportunities for chronically ill people, renters and tourists to partake more easily.

Until the laws change, here's a guide to smoking spaces and 420-friendly vacation spots offering safe refuge to anyone who's 21 years of age and has bud to burn.

NW Cannabis Club

1195 SE Powell Blvd., nwcannabismarket.com. Noon-midnight Monday–Saturday, noon-9 pm Sunday. $5 members, $20 non-members.

A spacious, casual spot outfitted for heavy dabbers, the NW Cannabis Club is the longest-standing smoking lounge in town. Guests must bring their own cannabis and pay $25 for a lifetime membership and entrance fee, but once inside, there's a wide variety of tools and paraphernalia on hand, including e-nails, vaporizers and glass rigs. Take a seat at the bar serving non-alcoholic refreshments, or at one of several tables surrounded by TVs, or head down to the basement for foosball and pool—though for joint lovers on a sunny day, it's hard to beat the back patio.

Flight Lounge

5427 SE 72nd Ave., flightlounge.biz. Noon-10 pm Monday-Friday. $4 members, $10 registration fee.

The cozy booths and free WiFi at this petite cannabis snack shack make it a perfect layover during a day tripping around Southeast Portland. Guests who forgot to bring their own flower can conveniently pick some up at Cannabis Corner dispensary down the block. Every table has a silicone mat for a dabbing surface, and an array of artisan picks and tools sit on the glass counter. You're given a clean crystal ashtray, a poker to clear your bowl and an alcohol pad for resin-stained fingertips. It's lovely, like getting tea and cookies on a dainty plate—if the tea were a $1 can of Canada Dry.

Hawthorne Hobbit Hole Airbnb

$76 a night.

To a specifically Tolkien-inclined segment of Portland tourists, this is a can't-miss experience. The modest yet well-appointed Hawthorne neighborhood rental is an entire two-bed, one-bath guest suite located in a creative family's backyard, made with materials, architecture and décor wholly inspired by the Shire. Clay is sculpted across the ceiling to mimic tree roots, and a crystal chandelier casts light across the wood cabinets with appropriate whimsy. Guests are welcome to enjoy cannabis in the lush outdoor garden, where they may get a visit from the family poodle, Velma.

The Eastmoreland Retreat

$85 a night.

A cushy two-bedroom guest suite in Southeast Portland for tourists with equal interests in cannabis and comfort, this is a cozy, out-of-the-way option for travelers seeking their own space to make themselves at home and sample one of Oregon's finest crops. Each bright, beautiful bedroom is furnished with glowing antique pieces, a record player, a guide to Portland cannabis and a stocked joint-rolling tray. Besides memory foam beds and two Roku TVs, the retreat also provides an acoustic guitar to enhance a mellow, stoned night in.