Location: Jackson County

Signature Strain: Rogue Valley Wreck, a sativa-dominant hybrid bursting with berry flavors and a smidge of spice.

Peter and Paul Butsch don't simply farm cannabis plants—they grow pot as big as trees. In fact, the shrubs that sprout from the brothers' 30-acre plot in Southern Oregon are so staggeringly tall, they look as though you could practically build a clubhouse in their branches. The size clearly demonstrates what inspired the business's name. Massive Seeds produces gargantuan crops double the height of the average man, sending the Butsches scrambling up the apex of a ladder come harvest time. The secret to high yields like that are the traditions and techniques the pair learned from their father, who first cultivated cannabis on the property in 1975. Operations have run organically since day one, which means time and attention must be paid to everything from maintaining the robust soil to monitoring the lunar cycle for clues on when to plant. Seedlings are initially raised in a greenhouse before they're relocated to a pasture that's gravity-irrigated with water from Big Butte Springs. Healthy dirt is fed by a variety of cover crops, including daikon radish with roots that penetrate the ground like nature's version of aerating shoes. Though the Butsches' patch of Jackson County is known for its hot, dry summers, they say it's a micro-climate perfectly suited for the strains they've bred. Judging by Instagram photos of the greenery that spreads skyward like a fireworks display in its full, sparkling finale, the flowers seem pretty happy to grow there. ANDI PREWITT.

Where to Find It: Farma, Satchel.