Location: Otis

Signature Strain: River Song (Blue J x Dr. Who), a sativa-dominant blueberry strain that tastes like sweet candy and herbaceous eucalyptus.

Mike Crawley says he's "just a pothead that likes gardening." The 39-year-old Geek Farms owner and military veteran originally started smoking weed to address combat-related post traumatic stress disorder. Eventually, he started growing medical cannabis for himself, and in 2013, the former Portland plumber and his wife moved to the coastal town of Otis, Ore., just outside Lincoln City, to farm full time. "We bought this 32-acre property to get a little bit more into growing veggies and get into a lifestyle outside of the city," Crawley says. "And it just kind of evolved into doing more cannabis." As a small farm, Crawley says Geek focuses on quality over quantity, partnering with Oregon seed companies and using organic farming practices. The farm runs on 70 percent renewable energy inputs and breeds 50 percent of its own genetics. Crawley says the farm's name came from the black-market days of cannabis, when he surfed pot forums under the username Geek Mike. "We just kind of rolled with that," Crawley says. "We're a very geeky kind of group. You'll see a lot of our previous genetics are based on characters from storylines deep into Doctor Who." Eight employees, one business partner and Crawley's wife, Megan, who he says is an equal business partner, make up the small Geek Farms workforce. When they're not farming, Crawley says, they're probably getting high and playing video games. "To go from being nerdy kids to gardening and getting dirty, it wasn't something I would say we were naturally going to do," Crawley says. "But when it hit us, we just really loved it." ELISE HERRON.

Where to find it: Natural Wonders, Oregon's Finest.