Location: Portland

Signature Strain: Gorilla Glue #4, a heavy-hitting, aromatic combination of Sour Dubb x Chem Sister x Chocolate Diesel that will leave your fingertips sparkling with resin.

When it comes to succeeding as a boutique farm, Nelson & Co. knew maintaining artisanal quality meant doing nearly everything themselves. Greg Levine planted his first medical plant in 2009, naming the grow after his spaniel, Nelson, and his first pounds hit shelves when medical shops opened in 2013. Rather than expanding to offer a vast selection of strains, Levine curated a simple catalog of those the company did well. Mike Ciarlo joined the crew in early 2015, and the two still "do a bit of everything." By "everything," Levine means all but the trimming, which is handled by a few trusted individuals they've worked with since the start. Unlike many operations scaling as fast as possible, Nelson & Co.'s garden has been the same size for several years. They diversified by collaborating with local legends Pua Extractions on uber-pure hash and rosin, who have also been a familiar name to connoisseurs since the medical scene. Nelson & Co. is a bastion of the old-school way of doing things, growing only the strains they love, working with friends and eschewing trends in cultivation and marketing. LAUREN YOSHIKO.

Where to find it: Americanna Rx, Archive, Green Hop, Ivy Cannabis, Kings of Canna, Progressive Collective, Rose City Wellness, Satchel, Truly Pure.