Location: Bend

Signature Strain: Blackberry Cobbler, a hybrid that crosses Blackberry Kush and Trainwreck to create a flavorful strain that produces a relaxing, euphoric high.

Sky Pinnick calls himself a "serial entrepreneur." Before getting into the weed business, he worked in film and television production, as well as real estate. When some friends were looking to expand their medical grow, they reached out to Pinnick to take care of the stuff they were less comfortable with, namely filling out forms, talking to city officials and procuring property. A decade later, Pinnick is the CEO of Phantom Farms, and discusses cannabis with a passion that'd convince you running a farm was his lifelong dream. Like a lot of growers in the state, Phantom prides itself on organic cultivation methods, but Pinnick believes in it more strongly than most. "It sounds maybe like the obvious thing," he says, "but in the cannabis industry, there are less growing truly organically than you imagine." At Phantom, which has both indoor and outdoor operations, plants are fed only food-grade materials—that even includes kombucha, which is brewed onsite. "Our theory is, good input offers good output," Pinnick says. Rather than sky-high THC levels, Phantom also places emphasis on terpenes. Pinnick sees complex terpene profiles as the future of cannabis consumption, and wants Phantom positioned at the forefront. "We've seen the same thing in the craft beer revolution in the state of Oregon, where people care more about IBUs than alcohol content," he says. "They're looking for the flavor, the craft, the experience. It's not just the utility." MATTHEW SINGER.

Where to find it: Canna-Daddy's, Urban Farmacy.