Location: Portland

Signature Strain: Astral Works, a CBD-dominant, 2-to-1 mixed-ratio wonder that makes an ideal gateway strain to swapping Ambien and anti-anxiety prescriptions for cannabis.

Prūf Cultivar is the science nerd of recreational cannabis. Known for recruiting Jeremy Plumb as its director of production, the visionary cultivator-scientist and co-founder of Farma and WW's Cultivation Classic, the state-of-the-art facility employs cutting-edge tech to customize multiple environments according to an individual cultivar's needs. In what looks like a complex matrix of outfitted shipping containers, conditions can be controlled to emulate anything from a high desert environment to a humid rainforest floor. HVAC systems produce air that exceeds biomedical standards, along with revolutionary full-spectrum LED light displays and a special soil mixture concocted in-house. But the mechanics behind strains, which have twice the terpene concentration and variety as the majority of flower in the market, are operated by assistant growers like Megan Housman, a trained scientist with a master's degree in soil biogeochemistry—the study of how non-living things like nutrients interact with living things like roots, bugs and microorganisms underground. Housman describes their approach as "combining advanced organic crop production system, the best of rigorous science and generational farming wisdom." While Prūf is a technological cultivation machine, it's also managed by people who water everything by hand because it's simply the best way. LAUREN YOSHIKO.

Where to find it: Alternative Remedies, Americanna RX, Attis Trading Company, Bridge City Collective, Budlandia, Chalice Farms, the Dime Store, Doctor's Orders, Electric Lettuce, Farm Grass Table, Farma, Five Zero Trees, Kings of Canna, Natural Remedies, Serra, Tree House Collective.