Location: Eugene

Signature Strain: GMO Cookies, perfect for insomnia and pain relief.

As larger companies buy out more and more small canna-businesses, it's no minor task to maintain majority ownership of a self-funded operation. But so it goes for Eugreen's Justin Howard, who's been growing for over 18 years. It's a remarkable achievement for a founder whose brand is sustained largely by word of mouth rather than any traditional marketing. Howard, who grew his first plant at age 18, and produced his first successful plant the year after, is an encyclopedia of plant science: Eugreen was one of the first recreational farms to advertise as a no-till cultivator, a hyper-organic method of farming. Unsurprisingly, at the heart of the Eugene operation is a desire to cultivate what the crew loves to smoke, not just sell. "We're about putting out the best pot Eugreen can grow," Howard says. "Not the best pot in Oregon, but the best we can cultivate." Those familiar with Eugreen's best weed associate the brand with OG Pie Breath. That still holds true, but Howard says this year, it's GMO Cookies for the win. (The punny name is a nod to the weird way it grows, as opposed to any nefarious cultivation practices.) This hot young thing is a delightfully odd-shaped cross between Chemdawg 91 and Girl Scout Cookies, and while the smell, with notes of skunk and garlic, may seem unappealing, it's oddly attractive, it's nothing of the sort. TIARA DARNELL.

Where to Find It: Americanna RX, Nectar, TreeHouse Collective.