Location: Applegate Valley

Signature Strain: Critical Kush, a balanced hybrid with the aroma of French roast coffee and the flavor of a deliciously dank craft IPA.

Like a number of people unhappy with their day jobs, Steve Self found his way to the cannabis industry because he didn't want to practice law anymore, and also enjoyed working with plants. His wife, Catherine Leathers Self, soon gave up her profession as a teacher to join his efforts, and the two launched the business in 2014, using their catchy last name as part of the branding. The Selfs grow their crop on three separate plots of land in the heart of Southern Oregon's fertile Applegate Valley. Since they harvest 1 acre of canopy once a year, selecting genetics is critical to their operation. "We spend a lot of time thinking about what goes in the ground," Catherine says. Though they've been indoor growers, the opportunity to allow their plants to flourish under open skies is also important. "There's something really special about plants that have been kept hidden and now growing them outside in the sun," she says. ANDI PREWITT.

Where to Find It: Floyd's Fine Cannabis, Green Mountain Fire. Green Oasis, GroHi Station