Location: Williams

Signature Products: Cannabis oils, tinctures and soft gels.

It's hard to believe Cedar and Madrone Grey have been in the cannabis business since 2000. Nearly 20 years ago, the U.S. had just gotten over Y2K, and then found itself reeling from a truly disastrous presidential election that went undecided for a month. Justin Timberlake sported curls, and only a handful of states had legalized pot for medicinal use. Oregon was among that pioneering group, as were the husband-and-wife team based in Josephine County, west of Medford, who were driven by a commitment to helping others with their health and well-being through whole plant treatments. Madrone, in particular, was moved to work with cannabis due to a family member's serious illness. Meanwhile, Cedar, who has an engineering degree and approaches product development through the lens of scientific analysis, became invested in oils while battling PTSD—he found the concentrate alleviated symptoms. Given all that, the Greys remain devoted to the plant's medicinal purposes even after voters said yes to recreational weed in 2014. Their lineup now includes oils, tinctures and pharmaceutical-grade soft-gel capsules in three varieties: CBD, THC and 1-to-1. Siskiyou's extraction solvent is certified organic cane alcohol, and the land is cultivated to the same rigorous standards—no spray, just natural light, native soil and a lot of patience (the crops are never rushed; they let nature set the pace). The Greys also make sure to use the entire plant—kind of like a farmer or chef who knows there's a purpose for every part of the chicken. That way, there's no waste. ANDI PREWITT.

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