Location: Eagle Point

Signature Strain: Mochi Gelato, a combination of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC with a rich, smooth taste and a grounding high.

To TKO Reserve, cannabis is less of a bleary-eyed pastime and more of a magical elixir. The Rogue Valley farm began as a medical grow in 2010 and, even after legalization, has remained steadfast about cannabis as a catch-all cure. The farm recently upped its emphasis on its hemp-derived CBD and even launched a separate Instagram account and website for its CBD products, which range from vape cartridges to cigars and flower. The farm touts CBD as an alternative to pharmaceuticals, and takes particular pride in its Bubba Kush strain's tranquilizing terpene profile. TKO's naturopathic, almost mystical beliefs about the effects of cannabis extend far beyond its line of products. The farm plants and harvests in sync with the lunar calendar, grows biodynamic and pesticide-free, and doubles as an animal rescue. But TKO's belief in weed as medicine doesn't mean its psychoactive offerings are lacking. The farm grows a bulldozing, high-energy version of Alaska Thunder Fuck and specialized hybrids like its indica-leaning Mochi Gelato. And the farm's massive pre-rolls, TKO Kingpins, pack a whopping 1.5 grams. SHANNON GORMLEY.

Where to Find It: Americanna RX, Little Amsterdam Wellness Center, Tetra, Wild West Emporium, Zion Cannabis.