Stevie Nicks once sang that if she lives to see the seven wonders—if she makes it to the rainbow's end—she'll never live to match the beauty again.

We can only assume she meant the Seven Wonders of Oregon and not, y'know, all that stuff from the ancient world.

Sure, the Columbia River Gorge, Cannon Beach and Smith Rock might not get the same attention as, say, the pyramids or the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. But Oregon's rich geologic history contains some seriously cosmic landscapes best appreciated in a relaxed, spiritual, open frame of mind.

That can easily be achieved thanks to one of the other blessings of the Oregon landscape.

With the early days of summer upon us, we picked seven locally available cannabis strains that pair just right with hiking, camping and cruising Oregon's Seven Wonders. Whether you're privately toking before or after a big excursion or simply want to achieve the appropriate vibe while reviewing your photos, here's what to smoke, nibble and enjoy to enhance everything that the Beaver State has to offer:

Columbia River Gorge

One of the most popular marijuana strains in Oregon is Space Candy, a sativa-dominant varietal with hints of Fruit Loops' famous apples and cherries. Whether you're riding the High Five Tours bus out to Multnomah Falls, weaving the back highways near Vista House or simply chilling by the river at a destination like Thunder Island Brewing Company, Space Candy will leave you mentally bright and physically afloat, just as if you were rafting down the mighty Columbia.

Crater Lake

Future is one of the strongest legal strains you can buy, clocking in at 37.28 percent THC. That makes it an appropriate pairing for visiting the deepest lake in North America. After all, if there's anything to take away from Crater Lake, it's "Go big, or go home." With a combination high that hits both the head and the body, you'll feel simultaneously in the moment and like you've been transported to the time when this ancient volcanic caldera collapsed and filled with rain water—but in a very relaxing way.

Painted Hills

Thanks to mineral deposits left behind by alternate water flows and volcanic ash storms, the hills of the John Day Fossil Beds are streaked with bands of brilliant color, from the pinks and yellows of the Painted Hills themselves to the brilliant pastel hue of Blue Basin. Celebrate the rainbow with the indica calm of Rainbow Kush. This deep body high is what you need for meandering through the rolling landscape of Oregon's last great lava flows.

Smith Rock

Smith Rock is a climber's paradise, so it's only appropriate to pair this iconic destination with Phantom Farms' Monkey Thunder. The plant grows tall, just like your routes at Smith, and the high is a fruity, festive joy that will give you that classic post-climb mellow. A fun bonus is that the buds sparkle slightly, catching the light just the way Smith Rock does as you cruise down from Madras when the sunlight slants just right.

The Wallowas

The beautiful aerial tram that slides up the side of Mount Howard from the lush valley around the glacier-carved Wallowa Lake was made, like all good trams, in Switzerland. That's apropos for a corner of the Beaver State known as "the Alps of Oregon," and you can celebrate with another combination of Swiss technology and summits—Peak Extracts' Bright Sativa strain will give you just the right peppy body high for a little high-altitude hiking.

Mount Hood

Looking for the perfect type of weed to pair with an adventure on Portland's iconic peak? It's Mt. Hood Magic, duh. This berry-tinged, earthy cross between Northern Lights and Durban Poison is a Portland native, so you can't get more locavore with your cannabis than puffing this before, during or after whatever you get up to on our friendly neighborhood volcano.

Oregon Coast

Speaking of Northern Lights, is there any better pairing for the coast? This dreamy strain is rumored to have its origins near Seattle, but with pretty purple buds and a shoegaze body high, it's just as well suited for watching the sun go down on, say, Manzanita Beach. The light pine flavor pairs well with the landscape, too, until you can almost taste the landscape. Slainte!