There's a national heat wave. It's been hitting 90 degrees in Portland lately. Even Alaska is on fire. If it's too hot to turn on an oven in your unair-conditioned downtown apartment, you might think it's too hot to burn, too.

But even if you're too sweaty to lift a lighter to your pipe every few puff-puff-passes, and lack the appetite for edibles, there is another perfectly refreshing way to get high enough to ignore the heat. You just need to sip your cannabis one fizzy, chilled lift at a time. Here are five liquid remedies that will turn that midsummer frown upside down:

Enjoy Cannabis Shots

Made with Oregon-grown whole-plant cannabis blended with a rainbow of citrus, berry and even Hawaiian flavors that cut the heavy terpene undercurrents, these little pick-me-ups are perfect for summer. They're available in CBD, sativa, indica, hybrid or CBD-THC variations, all of which come in cute little 10-serving bottles. The servings are clearly marked on the side, making it easy to track your progress, too.

Herban Tribe Sour Diesel Lemonade

A fun adult treat reminiscent of a tougher, hazier Mike's Hard Lemonade, but with the bite of funky, dank terpenes instead of malt liquor. With 50 milligrams of THC per 8-ounce bottle, this is perfect as a mocktail or cocktail ingredient, or to share with some friends as you hop from Sauvie Island to a Thorns game.

Müru THC Blueberry Lemon Cannabucha

If the current craze for hard seltzer is any indication, summer is the season for crossover beverages. It's hard to imagine a more Oregonian crossover sipper than this THC-infused Soma kombucha made with Oregon honey and organic blueberries. If you love antioxidants, probiotics and cannabis as medicine, this triple threat tastes just right when the temperatures inch toward triple digits.

Danodan Hemp Flower CBD Shot

Play it cool with a squirt of this full-spectrum CBD syrup in your soda water or margarita. THC-free and available at New Seasons, Danodan's recipe stands out for the complex, herbaceous flavor that will please anyone who wants a break from sweet treats. While a 360 milligram bottle runs over $100, a little goes a long way—or, for $3, you can get the nice folks at Mulligan's on Southeast Hawthorne to add it to your drink.

Mirth Enjoy, It's Legal Sparkling Tonics

These fizzy lifting drinks come in punchy local flavors like cranberry and Rainier cherry, but it's the Espresso Mocha version that provides the ultimate wake-and-bake fresh from the fridge, with two ingredients Pacific Northwesterners can't resist: full-bodied espresso roast and locally grown cannabis extract. Throw in a smidge of dark chocolate and enjoy straight from the bottle or blended with your favorite milk from cow to oat, and you can really seize the day.