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THC-Infused Orange Juice and Almond Butter Redefine How to Wake and Bake

Times have changed, and there are other ways to catch an early high without relying on rolling papers and loose bud.

To wake and bake once meant rolling out of bed and toking on flower before the day began. But times have changed, and there are other ways to catch an early high without relying on rolling papers and loose bud.

Herban Tribe's Fresh Pressed Orange Juice contains 10 5 mg servings measurable via hash marks on the bottle. Ingredients include orange juice, grapeseed oil and cannabis concentrate. Lux's Cinnamon Roll Almond Spread contains an equal 10 servings, each of which come out to 1 tablespoon. Both products won prestigious awards at High Times' 2017 Dope Cup. My goal was to seamlessly add them to my normal breakfast routine.

The Experience

I woke on Saturday morning to a quiet house. Upon toasting a piece of Dave's Killer Bread,  I conservatively applied a thin layer of almond spread, using the guidelines on the side of the jar for reference. After frying up two eggs, I took a cautious sip from Herban Tribe's OJ. Both products did well to mask the earthy taste of cannabis—just a slight hint was traceable in the orange juice, while the almond butter concealed it entirely.

How I Spent My High

It took some time for the elevating effects to kick in—Lux cites an activation time of 45 minutes, while Herban Tribe claimed it could take up to two hours. The combined high came on gradually and felt both tame and cerebrally pleasant. I chose to spend the morning on a long run followed by a hot shower and deep cleaning session throughout the house. Though edibles are notorious for inducing couch lock, I felt sure I wouldn't succumb to hours in front of the TV. The effects subsided early enough that I still had much of the day ahead of me.

The Takeaway

The world of edibles is continuously evolving, and while gummies and brownies were once considered state of the art, several Oregon companies have integrated THC into practically anything edible. Taste-wise, Herban Tribe's orange juice was comparable to that sold at any of Portland's many overcrowded brunch spots, while Lux's Cinnamon Roll Almond Spread belonged on a New Seasons shelf among other extravagant nut butters.

The Bottom Line

Hey, it sure beats burning your lungs first thing in the morning.

BUY IT: Lux Cinnamon Roll Almond Spread and Herban Tribe Fresh Pressed Orange Juice are available at Farma, 916 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 503-206-4357,