Five Giggly Weed Strains to Smoke Before a Night at the Comedy Club

Very specific strain suggestions that will have you cry-laughing even before you get to the venue

Seeing standup comedy live can be a sincerely transcendental experience when you blast off the right fat doink in the parking lot first. Admittedly, I don't have much experience seeing comedy shows without being stoned to the bone. But having smoked and written about hundreds of strains, my opinion on this is heavily justified.

Varsity and freshman stoners alike know the right strain of weed can transform any night into the "best night of my life." That's true for the pajama strains, the cheerleader strains, and all the hybrids in between.

For a night of standup comedy shenanigans—like, just to throw it out there, Willamette Week's Funniest Five showcase at Revolution Hall on Dec. 3—I have some very specific strain suggestions that will have you cry-laughing even before you get to the venue.

Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough is a delicious hybrid strain that produces a festive balance of lowered inhibitions and sparkly playfulness. One bowl grants the user an ability to laugh at anything and everything. For example, I recently rewatched the second Austin Powers movie after a bong hit of Strawberry Cough and I strongly felt it was God's purest comedy.

Best way to consume: Bong hits and pipe draws will best preserve the nuanced berry, pepper, and pine flavors.

Where to find it: Lifted Northwest, 11121 SE Division St.


A perennial fave of sativa-forward hybrid lovers, Tangie has an unmistakable mood-elevating vibe, a good-time feeling that effortlessly provides both the motivation to undertake a whole night out and the euphoric, easy laughter necessary for an evening of live comedy. I once smoked a half-gram pre-roll of Tangie at my local park and ended up laughing for an hour because I walked past a guy sitting in a tree playing a pan flute. Comedy is where you find it, and Tangie is a magnifying glass for hilarity.

Best way to consume: Tangie's flavor develops favorably in a joint or blunt.

Where to find it: Fidus PDX, 7501 SW Capitol Highway; Power Plant, 10215 SE Foster Road

L.A. Confidential

Just like its namesake metropolitan hellscape, L.A. Confidential is overwhelming to the point of upset—but only at first. Once the initial roller coaster of lung-shattering sensory overload settles, the high transforms into a multifaceted, psychedelic trip that can be low-key transformative. Taking this high to a standup show will have you hunched over in a corner, laughing at your own absurdist deconstruction of a comedian's entire act, which is a pretty standard stoner experience we should all have once in a while.

Best way to consume: A joint attached to a dramatic cigarette extender, dragging a skunky vapor trail all over the place.

Where to find it: Shango, 6033 NE Win Sivers Drive

Lemon Skunk

When I'm shopping for "night out" weed, I often reach for Lemon Skunk. Why often and not always? Frankly, unlike other strains on this list, Lemon Skunk is a certified panty-dropper. If you're attending a live comedy showcase as a date-night event and laughing already turns you on, this is the strain that's going to encourage a super-hot, super-consensual closing of the deal.

Best way to consume: In small, shared bowls that preserve the strain's tangy lemon flavor.

Where to find it: Lucky Lion, 7817 NE Halsey St.; Tetra Cannabis, 4011 SE Belmont St.

Green Crack

While the name doesn't exactly conjure images of lighthearted laughter—especially when dabbing with a torch—it is merely a pretense. Green Crack is a deceptive misnomer for a strain with an elegant high. This is a textbook sativa, so expect a bright burst of energy that quickly dissolves into effervescent, lavish-feeling giggle fits. Bonus: Not only will it make every comedian your new favorite comic ever, whatever after-hours gross-out meal ends the night will be tantamount to a Michelin-starred plate.

Best way to consume: Out of a cheap glass pipe with a sketchy torch lighter.

Where to find it: Portland Canna Connection, 1515 SE 46th Ave.