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Oregon CBD Beverage Company Ablis Is Opening a Lounge in Downtown Portland

You can order a CBD-spiked "func-tail" to go with your pack of CBD Muscle Rub.

What's being billed as "the World's First CBD Func-Tail Lounge" is coming to downtown's Pine Street Market.

Ablis Experience, the first Portland outpost of Bend-based Ablis, features a menu built around CBD drinks, served from the kiosk formerly occupied by Olympia Provisions.

CEO Jim Bendis calls the drinks "func-tails," because in addition to the non-intoxicating cannabis compound, the concoctions are laced with "functional ingredients" that read like the inventory of an herbal apothecary—components like vitamin C, Hawthorn berry and beet powder. The func-tails can be prepared one of three ways: hot, cold, or "dirty"—the latter is dosed with a shot of double espresso.

Bendis, who also runs Bendistillery and Crater Lake Spirits, started Ablis in 2014, when there were no other CBD beverages on the market, both in Oregon and nationwide. He's seen rapid growth and expanded the product line, some of which you'll find on sale inside the marketplace—so you can pick up a multipack of CBD Muscle Rub while sipping on your cannabidiol-spiked mimosa.

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If you're more concerned about getting a buzz than pursuing wellness, Ablis also offers a handful of alcoholic beverages, including a strawberry mojito and beer. Pastries and soup round out the menu. But a dash of even more dietary supplements, like CBD honey or bee pollen, can be added to any item.

The lounge's grand opening, with free samples and 50-percent discounts on topicals and tinctures, is set to take place Saturday, Dec. 14, beginning at 11 am.