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Missing Group Smoke Sessions? Here Are Five Ways to Replicate the Experience Online.

Sure, FaceTime smoke circles with the homies are a welcome respite from solo medicating. But if you’re missing the novelty of meeting new BFFs through the magic of weed, these free virtual mixers are the next best thing.

Herb is the great equalizer. It can bring people from all walks of life together with one pass of the pipe.

There's a lot of trust that comes with sharing a joint with a stranger, and it's an experience more than a few of us are missing. But if shelter in place has taught us anything, it's that you can't keep an extrovert down, especially when powered by weed. A growing number of online hangouts and virtual smoke sessions, while not quite effective in replacing the moist dew of another person's saliva on a freshly rolled spliff, can quench the desire to connect with other smokers in a social setting.

Sure, FaceTime smoke circles with the homies are a welcome respite from solo medicating. But if you're missing the novelty of meeting new BFFs through the magic of weed, these free virtual mixers are the next best thing.

For the Spiritual Stoner: Sunday Service

Technically, the nondenominational International Church of Cannabis—or Elevationist Movement—claims "no divine authority, nor authoritarian structure," making it less of a religious institution and more of a spiritually stoned virtual community center. The church is headquartered in Denver but offers its international congregation Sunday services that celebrate the sacred herb in a way that feels uncannily like smoking with the homies.
Strain suggestion: Lambs Bread is a giggly, euphoric strain which, despite a sparkling body high, is calm and crystallized in the head.
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For the Advocacy-Minded Stoner: Oregon Cannabis Association Smoke Sesh

The Oregon Cannabis Association's interactive online events often concern cannabis business and advocacy, but they also encourage community and connection for the stoned and alone. Membership is not required, only a social media follow, though links to the Smoke Sesh are private and must be requested. Oregon Cannabis Association's events, virtual or otherwise, always find a way to make inclusivity feel exclusive.
Strain suggestion: Pineapple is a distinctly peppy strain, with an effervescent body high that'll justify an abundance of Zoom gesticulations.

For the Normcore Canna-Crew: Puff Pass and Paint Virtual Art Classes

For those who miss structured activities with their stoner crew, Puff Pass and Paint offers virtual classes so you can still link up with your pals and engage in some tangible creativity, with a high probability of pothead hilarity. Each lesson is free and changes daily.
Strain suggestion: Bubble Gum's soft blend of blissful, bouncy creativity, and lowered inhibitions line up well with a painting class made for stoners.
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For the Entrepreneurial Womxn of Cannabis: Women Grow Socials

In lieu of the in-person support typically provided by business incubator Women Grow, the organization offers live seminars, networking events, and yes, happy-hour and after-hours socials. Cannabis lifestyle enthusiasts and business mavens alike who are feeling rudderless without their stalwart communities are encouraged to join in.
Strain suggestion: Space Queen's lineage—Cinderella 99 and Romulan—is a formula for empowerment. The physical high is bold and low-key arousing, and the head high is a soothing mist of anti-anxiety panacea.

For the Stoner Feminista: Tokeativity Happy Hours

Tokeativity has also pivoted its programming online, hosting story hours, homeschooling support, sexual health seminars and more. The international group is made up of several chapters, and the switch to cyberspace has made each chapter's local events available to its international group of members. Have a medicated brunch with like-minded femmes in South Africa, or relax into some deeply stoned yoga with the Chicago chapter, or attend a virtual canna-cocktail party in Las Vegas—or, since we're all at home anyway, all of the above. Many events are free, some are offered on a sliding scale.
For an equal opportunity high: Shangri La is another perky strain with a zippy body high gently tempered by a soothing, relaxed head high—perfect for meeting new friends.