What to Gift Your BIPOC Stoner Friends, and Where to Donate After

Two ways to lean into this social justice marathon is by both supporting grassroots organizations that support Black Lives Matter and showering your friends of color with really, really nice gifts.

While deep in introspection for the sake of radical social evolution, things can get myopic.

Of course, holding oneself accountable for your own internalized racism, privilege and subsequent blind spots is noble, but so is celebrating the BIPOC who, against all odds, continue to thrive, particularly amid the stifling whiteness of the Pacific Northwest.

Two ways to lean into this social justice marathon—it's definitely not a sprint, people—is by both supporting the grassroots organizations that support the myriad causes tied into the Black Lives Matter movement and showering your friends of color with really, really nice gifts.

In other words: If you're looking to temporarily assuage your white guilt while you wait for your copies of White Fragility and The Collected Poetry of Nikki Giovanni to arrive, here are a few gifts that the BIPOC stoners in your lives will assuredly appreciate, as well as commensurate organizations that support our most at-risk community members.

FIRST, BUY THIS: Puffco Peak ($300)

If any of my white friends bought me a Puffco Peak, I would let them stick their whole hand in my hair for at least 20 seconds—then follow with a lecture about the huge role hair plays in discrimination against Black women. The Puffco is the gold standard e-rig, a torchless handheld vaporizer that at first glance looks more like an upgraded Alexa than a smoking utensil. For those monetarily unaffected, who are actually saving money because of a pause in spending, this is the gift.

Get it at: Nectar, multiple locations.

THEN, DONATE HERE: The Black Resilience Fund

Founded by local luminary Cameron Whitten, the Black Resilience Fund has so far collected enough cash to provide support to 160 Black Portlanders. Its donation page itemizes how donations are allocated and is updated in real time, offering complete transparency and accountability for all donated funds.

Donate at: blackresiliencefund.com

FIRST, BUY THIS: Greenbox subscription ($90-$100)

Greenbox is an online dispensary and delivery service that also curates monthly subscription boxes in the vein of an Ipsy or a Barkbox. A bespoke monthly cannabis subscription is next-level generous, and a sure way to let your marginalized homies know you've got their back, in matters of social equity as well as keeping their stash box stocked.

Get it at: pdxgreenbox.com


The LGBTQ Freedom Fund exists to secure the safety and liberty of queer individuals in U.S. jails and immigration facilities, but it also does the fundamental groundwork of raising awareness of the intersecting criminalization of LGBTQ folks and people of color, both of whom are significantly more likely to be incarcerated than white heterosexuals.

More info: lgbtqfund.org

FIRST, BUY THIS: Club Sky High’s Moon Rocks ($18 per half-gram)

If your friends have the bandwidth for a conversation about their feelings, use what you learn to choose an appropriate strain of Sky High's exclusive Moon Rocks—nugs of cannabis infused with concentrate and dusted with keef. The master budtenders at Club Sky High can help guide you to the best strain for whatever your beloved pal is feeling.

Get them at: Club Sky High, 8975 N Lombard St.

THEN, DONATE HERE: Last Prisoner Project

While thousands build intergenerational wealth in the recreational cannabis industry, there are thousands that remain imprisoned for doing exactly the same thing. The Last Prisoner Project is a nonprofit coalition dedicated to restorative justice in the cannabis industry by focusing on three key criminal justice reform initiatives: prisoner release, record clearing through clemency and expungement, and reentry programs. Collectively, these programs help cannabis prisoners reclaim the industry that they've rightfully earned.

Donate at: lastprisonerproject.org

FIRST, BUY THIS: Canna Luxe quartz pipe ($35)

Canna Luxe's sumptuous line of smoking accessories offers an opulent alternative to ubiquitous glass pipes. The company is 100% women- and minority-owned, with a mission not only to destigmatize cannabis use but to incubate and support other minority-run cannabusinesses.

Get it at: cannaluxe.co

THEN, DONATE HERE: The NuLeaf Project

The Nuleaf Project is an incubator created to address the long-standing hurdles of capital, education and connection that people of color face when entering the cannabis industry. You can donate to the campaign to redistribute cannabis tax revenue in Oregon to fund economic opportunity and education in communities of color.

Donate at: nuleafproject.org

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