Five Essential Cannabis Items to Help Get You Through This Socially Distant Summer

2020 so far has been about finding comfort in discomfort and novelty in familiarity—that goes for our social lives as well as this summer’s cannabis kit.

This ain't no ordinary summer.

Party blunts are basically illegal, bikinis now come with matching face masks, and significant cultural upheaval is interrupting the majority of our more frivolous summer activities. But, if  you think about it, 15 people on a blunt has always been gross, swimwear with matching headwear has always been cute, and "summer reading" should always include discovering revelatory authors of color while sunning your ankles beside a lake.

The more things change, the more things stay the same, even in these batshit times.

We might be spending more time indoors than we hoped, and doing more marching than our feet can realistically bear. But 2020 so far has been about finding comfort in discomfort and novelty in familiarity—that goes for our social lives as well as this summer's cannabis kit.

So let's get high, get in the sun, and space the hell out with these essential stoner goodies.

CBN Tincture (The CBD Apothecary)

CBN is a lesser-known cannabinoid that appears gradually in all cannabis flowers as they age. Its main value is as a sleep aid, but the CBD Apothecary's variation isolates the CBN and matches it in a 1-to-1 formula with a full-spectrum cannabis extract, so the effects are dictated by the user's body chemistry more than a curated tableau of terpenes and cannabinoids. Maybe use it for sleep, or before yoga to enter a new plane of existence—the possibilities are endless!

Get it at: 

Passion Fruit Magic Drops (Magic Number)

If a full can or bottle of Magic Number's medicated fizzy soda pop doesn't quite fit your lifestyle, Magic Drops provide the same sweetly euphoric high with only a fraction of the syrupy-sweet mouth blast from sugary soda. The 1 ounce bottle contains 150 mg of strain-specific sativa tincture, so you can customize your perfect dose for all-day adventures, afternoon sojourns or brief, ephemeral mood boosts.

Get it at: Shango, 8056 SE Harold St., 503-788-7005,

Pot Sauce (Portland Oven)

Beyoncé already pulled the covers off "hot sauce in my bag" swag, and this variation only further validates the practice of keeping multiple bottles of hot sauce at the ready. Finding a balance between flavor and cerebral effects should be relatively uncomplicated, as Portland Oven's Louisiana-style Pot Sauce is available in three heat levels: mild, hot or insane, with each bottle containing 50 mg THC. Consider this: If you stay ready to add some flavor to the food—or, let's be frank, the companionship—then you don't have to get ready. Dig?

Get it at: Natural Remedies, 8700 SW Barbur Court, Suite Z, 503-719-7881,

Hella Burnt Caramel (Toro Ma)

Tora Ma's bronzed artisanal caramel is a gorgeous confectionary hunk. The high-THC varieties bear a muscly 50 mg in a top-shelf sweet that, while satisfyingly sticky, probably won't pull out your fillings. One-to-one CBD-THC and 1-to-2 THC-CBD varieties round out the strain-specific selection. Lower-tolerance users can still nibble the tip of the high-THC selections for a gently euphoric 5 mg microdose, but only varsity potheads can handle the deep stoning of a whole 50 mg serving. Either way, it pairs well with light beer and makes for a perfect lakeside treat when you really want to get some sugar between those teeth and some sun on those ankles.

Get it at: Mongoose Cannabis, 3123 SE Belmont St., 541-933-8032,

Munchie Cookies (Journeyman)

A package of Journeyman's Munchies contains 5 or 10 soft-baked cookies, a mixed bag of peanut butter, snickerdoodle, and triple chocolate, each with 10 mg of THC.  Journeyman edibles are loudly and proudly produced by stoners, for stoners, so expect a tenderly nuanced high that deepens in complexity as the dose increases—plus a mouthful of simple, sugary nostalgia, and straight-up psychedelic packaging that animates if you stare at it for too long.

Get it at: Broadway Cannabis Market, 427 NW Broadway, 503-212-0608,