For Stoners, It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Girl Scout Cookie Season. We Reviewed Cookies of a Different Sort.

While not quite the infused communion wafers the Girl Scouts are known for, each of these cookies could be paired with a classic Scout box.

Girl Scout Cookie season is the stoner equinox.

For potheads, the passing from clammy Northwest winter to cherry-blossoms-on-the- riverfront springtime is marked not by a celestial passage but by the sudden availability of Tagalongs, Thin Mints and Samoas. Just ask your budtender—there are multiple cannabis strains named in tribute to cookie season. As stoner holidays go, the arrival of Cookie Season ranks right up there with 4/20. Or at least Oil Day.

In honor of Cookie Season 2021, WW tried out five local cannabis cookies. While not quite the infused communion wafers the Girl Scouts are known for, each of these cookies could be paired with a classic Scout box—that way, you can eat your delicious, locally-made cookie edible then redirect that cookie-mouth energy right into a box of Trefoils or Do Si Dos just as the canna gods intended.

Junk’s Holy Moly O’s

Junk's chocolate-covered creme sandwich cookies are not Oreos, but the reference is obvious. Each box contains two cookies that are visually similar to the aforementioned cookie classic,  save for a constellation of silver and gold sprinkles decorating their tops. The flavors are expectedly nostalgic, especially it's been awhile since you demolished a family-size package of milk's favorite cookie, but the soft tang of cannabis flower punctuates each chew, propelling this modern edible to higher cookie echelon. The package contains 50 mg of THC between two cookies, but one was enough to impart even my high toleranced self with enough tranquil vibes to add some sparkle to an otherwise mellow afternoon.

Best Scout Cookie Pairing: Tagalongs are an appealing addition to any chocolate covered cookie club.

Tasty’s 1:1 Chocolate Crinkle

Tasty's chocolate crinkle cookie is just as crinkle-y as one would expect considering the name, but thankfully most of the crinkle ended up in my mouth and not my hands. It is a dense chocolate chunk of a biscuit dusted with confectioners sugar and spiked with 50 mgs of both THC and CBD. Folks with lower tolerances can attempt to cut the confection in half, but anything smaller will take deliberate patience—this cookie is a touch too fragile for sharing between more than two. The cannabinoid balance, however, more than makes up for this baked good's unwillingness to neatly bend and snap. As a high-dose hybrid, the high felt elated and therapeutic rather than space-cadet topsy-turvy: Anxiety, stress and superficial aches were all extinguished. Share one with a pal for a mild euphoria that lingers for a few hours, or ride this magic carpet alone for something relatively more intense and long lasting.

Best Scout Cookie Pairing: The Thin Mints experience is going to be so gratifying when you're already high on a chocolate cookie.

Fire Dept. Peanut Butter

Fire Dept's entry in the peanut butter cookie sphere may lack the malleability of a bakery version—this cookie is such a dry affair that it was S.O.A., shattered on arrival. But the flavors deliver as expected. The cookie's skunk-y cannabis undertones are evenly balanced against the salty-sweet peanut butter, and the result is a satisfying mouthful overall. The cookie is too small and fragile to accurately dose out its 50 mgs of THC into even portions, but when eaten whole the high is surprisingly mild and responsive. Work calls were made, chores were run, and even some relatively successful parenting happened during the course of this high. Those with lower tolerance, exercise caution if you're preparing to eat the whole thing. Even though the effects are less chaotic than other high-dose edibles, you'll still likely need several hours to devote to this high, so plan accordingly.

Best Scout Cookie Pairing: Do Si Dos, because peanut butter is not a trend, it's a lifestyle

Hapy Kitchen’s Chocolate Chip

The one cookie in the baked goods section of Hapy Kitchen's product line is an enthusiastic homage to the classic, no-frills chocolate chip baked by generations of American grandmothers. Except these cookies have dense, soft centers, a lace of buttery crispness on the edge, and the tangy aftertaste of gassy terpenes. These cookies may look relatively harmless but be advised: Their 50 mgs of THC packs a psychotropic wallop geared more toward getting the consumer decidedly baked than manageably buzzed, at least when eaten all at once. Pro tip: Nibble one throughout the day to soften and prolong what is otherwise an aggressively mollifying high.

Best Scout Cookie Pairing: Samoas, for maximum indulgence

SDK’s Snickerdoodle

She Don't Know—or as it's colloquially known, SDK—was one of Oregon's first producers of recreational edibles. Their line has since expanded to include granola and dog treats, but it's their cookies that are ubiquitous in local shops. The 50 mg Snickerdoodle is a standout among their product line, a crispy blonde biscuit freckled with cinnamon sugar and a strong, buttery smack of cannabis. This gluten-free cookie is crunchier than a bakery aisle version, so don't expect a doughy doodle experience, but for whatever it lacks in pliability, it makes up for with a soft, long-lasting high that, even at 50 mg of THC, is perfectly manageable for med-high tolerance day use.

Best Scout Cookie Pairing: Trefoils and tea after a stoney snickerdoodle is a superb way to spend a day.