A Cannabis Gift Guide for International Women’s Day

This year, let’s signal boost that international, divine feminine energy by staying just as stoned as we want to be with products from these women-founded canna-companies.

Attention, feminist stoners of all genders: There are many awesome ways to celebrate Women's Day 2021. And all of them include gifts by, for, from and to females, whether they were assigned at birth or by the divine.

Women's Day, founded by a group of American, German and Soviet socialists at the turn of the century to attract attention to the mistreatment of women factory workers, wasn't fully integrated into American feminist culture until the 1960s. Since then, the holiday's strength, purpose and focus has evolved with every generation. But the underlying function—to uplift and fortify womanhood in all its incarnations—mostly remains intact.

This year, let's signal boost that international, divine feminine energy by protecting and celebrating our BIPOC and Trans sisters, prioritizing inclusivity, tearing down antiquated gender constructs and staying just as stoned as we want to be with products from these women-founded canna-companies.

Her Pre-Roll Packs (La Mota)

Founded by glass-ceiling-shattering powerhouse Rosa Cazares, La Mota has dispensary locations all over the Portland metro area. But more than the stores themselves, La Mota features a number of private label products that rival any shop's stock in quality and packaging. For example, the Her pre-roll packs stand out not just for their high quality herb and smooth, long-lasting burn but for their minimalist, ultra-femme packaging as well. The frilly pink, girly-girl feminist radicals in your life will relish pulling this fashionable pack from their purses and blowing the smoke in the face of any misogynist who dares bark in their direction.
Get it from: La Mota, multiple locations, lamota.com.

“The Cannabis Apothecary” by Laurie Wolf with Mary Wolf

Written by industry luminary Laurie Wolf with the help of her daughter-in-law, Mary, The Cannabis Apothecary is a comprehensive guide to utilizing THC and CBD for health, wellness and everything in between. (The pair's line of truffles, brownies and fudges is also well established in contemporary cannabis culture.) Kitchen-witch feminists of all ages will appreciate the breadth of this cookbook, which features baked sweets, body balms and even highbrow hors d'oeuvres—each a full-spectrum love letter to the culinary, confectionary and cannabinoid arts.
Get it from: laurieandmaryjane.com

Uplift Tincture (Oracle Wellness Co.)

Founded by Megon Dee, Oracle Wellness offers a number of medicated salves, tinctures and oils for conditions both physical and spiritual. The Uplift Tincture is a standout. Formulated for therapeutic use, only a few sublingual drops help maintain pain-free focus and mild energy throughout the course of the day. For the overworked feminists in your cypher, Oracle Wellness' Uplift Tincture is a thoughtful way to say, "You may be burdened, sis, but you're not underappreciated."
Get it from: Kinetic Collective, 901 SW Yamhill St., kineticcollectivepdx.com.

Rose Geranium CBD Hydrosol (Make & Mary)

Make & Mary's hydrosols are cellular plant waters used for moisturizing and revitalizing skin. Hydrosols are rich with therapeutic properties and, when blended with full-spectrum, water-soluble hemp CBD extract, have a greater bioavailability than non-water-soluble extracts, meaning the molecules that make up this refreshing spray are more effectively absorbed than oil-based products. Bonus: The Rose Geranium Hydrosol specifically, has a rosy, botanical perfume that is sweetly uplifting.
Get it from: Make & Mary, 2506 NE Sandy Blvd., 503-444-7608, makeandmary.com.

Wild Card Chocolate Bars (Peak Extracts)

Peak may have been borne of therapeutic necessity—initially, founders Katie Stem and Kate Black were formulating treatments for Crohn's disease—but has since become one of Oregon's most beloved strain-specific brands of top-shelf chocolate. Its Wild Card chocolate bars are each unique offerings, featuring hybrid strains whose effects defy easy classification. An assortment of these bars will be much appreciated by the radical feminists in your life who also defy easy classification.
Get it from: Bridge City Collective, 215 SE Grand Ave., 503-477-9532, bridgecitycollective.com.

Flower Bouquet (Magic Hour Cannabis)

Founded by cannabis idealist and corporate defector Adriana Ruiz Carlile, Magic Hour Cannabis is one of the only Latina-owned cannabis farms in the nation, and its long-term plans are to shift the industrial landscape to center BIPOC women. But the quality of Magic Hour's herb is also of supreme importance, as evidenced by its top-shelf offerings. Support the empowerment initiative by making sure the divine feminines, either within yourself or in your immediate vicinity, have at least one skunky bouquet of Magic Hour's organic flowers to puff on.
Get it from: Serra, 2519 SE Belmont St., 971-544-7055, shopserra.com.