Combat Your St. Patrick’s Day Hangover With These Weed Strains

There's no reason to think Ol' Saint Pat wouldn't have balanced the boozy mirth of his namesake holiday with a restorative stoney vibe.

I'm not going to say the patron saint of Ireland was into weed, but it certainly wouldn't tarnish his legacy, or your potential hangover, to assume that to be true.

The Catholic feast of St. Patrick lands between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday, right in the middle of Lent. Historically, it was one whole day wherein Lenten restrictions were lifted, specifically in regards to drinking, smoking, and general life-affirming merriment. There's no reason to think Ol' Saint Pat wouldn't have balanced the boozy mirth of his namesake holiday with a restorative stoney vibe. Weed's association with St. Patrick's Day could even be perceived in the iconography of the Saint holding a shamrock, or bouquet of botanicals, argued to represent the regenerative powers of nature rather than the holy trinity.

This St. Paddy's day, double down on that general life affirming merriment and connection to nature by scooping up one of these strains to either soothe a hangover or replace celebratory booze altogether. Because if besotted leprechauns can be headcanon, getting blazed on the pot of gold at the rainbow can be to.

Nightmare Cookies by Pistil Point

Despite this cultivar's hybrid genetics, Nightmare Cookies' effects are reportedly heavily relaxing with a strong couch-lock potential. Bred from White Nightmare and GSC, this strain's onset is euphoric and buzzy but quickly plateaus into a deeply sedative, syrupy body high. Users also report powerful anxiety- and pain-relief that gives way to epic munchies. If a big, greasy brunch delivery followed by a powerful weed nap is part of your recovery regimen, despite the name Nightmare Cookies might be the perfect cultivar to facilitate a full restoration

What to expect: piney, nutty perfume; a sweet, earthy exhale; and a cannabinoid ratio of approximately 20:1 THC:CBD.

Get it from: Weed Land, 4027 N Interstate Ave., 541-904-0000.

Grapefruit Diesel by Pilot Farms

The super bright, cirtusy aroma of Grapefruit Diesel suggests—and delivers—an invigorating, clarifying high. Users suggest that this strain does a better job of clearing away cognitive cobwebs than a cup of coffee right from the onset, with effects that blossom into sparkling creativity and mild, elastic energy. Grapefruit Diesel is also reportedly super-efficient at tempering bouts of anxiety and depression, which typically arrive part and parcel with even the most temperate of hangovers.

What to expect: a strong citrus nose that overpowers a delicate diesel stink and a sugar-sweet, slightly gassy exhale

Get it from: Electric Lettuce, 214 NW Couch St., 971-302-7032,

Black Mamba Pull and Snap by Dab Factory

Her intimidating name seems to imply a strain powerful enough to paralyze, but the majority of users describe Black Mamba as anything but incapacitating. Reported effects overwhelmingly describe the strain as deeply stoney yet gently refreshing in the head and body. The strain's genealogy, a cross of Grandaddy Purp and Domina, seems to compel users to curl up with a book or settle into a cinematic epic, which, depending on the state of your hangover, could be just the mellow medication you need to shake off last night's debaucheries.

What to expect: a spicy skunky aroma, a berry sweet exhale, and at least 20% THC.

Get it from: Deanz Greenz, 10415 NE Sandy Blvd., 971-255-0758,

Platinum Garlic Cookies by LOWD

LOWD's cross of GMO Cookies and Platinum GSC has resulted in a mostly balanced hybrid, albeit with a few pronounced indica effects, namely deep cerebral relaxation and a chilled-out physical euphoria. LOWD's popularity is due in part to skilled, top-shelf cultivation methods and unique hybrids like Platinum Garlic Cookies, whose skunky terp profile is loud enough to alert any stoner in a half-mile radius of your excellent taste in cannabis. For St Paddy's use, Platinum Garlic Cookies is a choice strain for quelling morning-after anxieties and setting up users for some superior post-bender self care.

What to expect: the funkiest, skunkiest, perfume and a confusingly delicious savory-sweet and gassy exhale.

Get it from: Gnome Grown, 5012 NE 28th Ave., 971-346-2098,

Sherbadough by Magic Hour

Bred from a cross of Sherbet and Do Si Dos, this hybrid's genetics are decidedly indica-leaning. Users describe the strain as having a distinct Sunday Morning vibe, which is to say, it's effects are so deeply calming and breezily blissful that consecutive full bowls should probably be reserved for a day free from heavy responsibilities. As Sherbadough's high develops, it reportedly folds users into a cashmere soft, creative euphoria. These nuanced effects can be fuel for a restorative day of super low stakes creativity, or users can lean all the way into the slow psychedelic Indica vibe and bliss out with some video games before falling asleep under a tree, weather permitting.

What to expect: a piney, skunky nose and a peppery exhale.

Get it from: Green Box Delivery,

Sunshine Daydream Live Resin by Dr Jollys

More than just a euphoric onset and warm, cushiony plateau, Sunshine Daydream is a powerful anti-nausea strain. Like other high THC strains (Sunshine Daydream typically tops out over 17%) users can expect an ecstatic swoon that evaporates into a gentle, softening, whole body relief, essentially offering a high that is equal parts therapeutic and psychotropic. If your festive celebrations with St Patrick got a bit out of hand and now you're feeling a little more than seasick, Sunshine Daydream could potentially quiet that nagging queasiness.

What to expect: a perfume of diesel and tart fruit, and a sweet berry exhale.

Get it from: Mongoose Cannabis, 3123 SE Belmont St., 541-933-8032,