Springtime Is Gummy Time In Oregon. Here Are Six Great Local Experiences to Go Along With Them.

After a long, dark, traumatic winter, getting silly high and sponging up some flourishing Northwest flora is high-key therapeutic.

The skies are full of iridescent rainbows, technicolor daffodils are spilling over with misty-morning rainwater, and folks with their thighs out are wearing cutoff tank tops in mid-50-degree temperatures.

It's official—spring has sprung.

One way to celebrate is by popping a cannabis gummy in a hue reminiscent of budding tulips, blooming crocus and blossoming cherry blossom trees before absorbing some intermittent sunshine. After a long, dark, traumatic winter, getting silly high and sponging up some flourishing Northwest flora is high-key therapeutic, whether it's through a window or from a squishy lawn.

WW rounded up six of the most festively fruity cannabis gummies and paired them with some of our favorite equinox escapades in anticipation of all the flower sniffing, sunbathing and cloud watching we intend to do while ringing in another spectacular rainbow season.

Hapy Kitchen Watermelon Sativa Fruit Smackers + Bridge Walking on the Willamette

If you start on the Steel Bridge, you'll probably be high by the time you get to the Hawthorne Bridge, after which the view from Tilikum Crossing will be 100% swoon-worthy. By the time the loop is finished, users will have inhaled enough spring air to force out any leftover ashy winter vibes—almost like a spring cleaning for the soul. Hapy Kitchen's fruit smackers are sour pastille candies that come in 50 mg single packages. The candies are firm without being springy, and all have robust natural fruit flavors. Each gummy is potent and long lasting, but the spacey, energetic high of their sativa watermelon feels especially appropriate for springtime bridge walking.

Get it from: Kush Kart Cannabis Delivery, kushkartpdx.com.

Lunchbox Alchemy Tangos Mixed Sour Fruit Bites + Sunbathing in the Park

For cannabis users looking for more of a rose-colored afternoon than a psychedelic day of river-crossing, Lunchbox Alchemy's Tangos come in a snackable package full of 5 mg servings rather than one big-ass 50 mg gummy. The soft, buildable high is perfectly suited to leisurely afternoons spent sunbathing on vivid green city park lawns. For low-tolerance users, the 5 mg doses are gently uplifting without becoming incapacitating, and for high-tolerance users, the option to build their ultimate dose and enjoy more than one piece of sour candy is decidedly attractive. Each bag of Tangos contains two bonbons in each of five flavors: blood orange, green apple, Key lime, raspberry and strawberry. Pro tip: Eat two or three a few hours apart to maximize an all-day mellow vibe.

Get it from: Plane Jane's, 10530 NE Simpson St., 971-255-0999, planejanesdispensary.com.

Sour Botz Pineapple Gummies + Intense Spring Cleaning

I once ate a single, 5 mg serving of a Sour Botz gummy and turned my entire house upside down on an extreme cleaning rampage. The swooning onset sent me into a tailspin that was so uncharacteristic for a single serving I had to reexamine what cannabis tolerance even meant to me. Despite its potency, the high is somehow sheer and bouncy, though it might overwhelm low-tolerance users. Once the high plateaued, however, its euphoria evaporates into a high that's physically invigorating. If getting wild-stoned and leaning into spring cleaning is your gummy modus operandi, I can't recommend Sour Botz highly enough. But, of course, your results may vary.

Get it from: Carefree Cannabis, 5926 NE Killingsworth St., 971-888-5109, carefreepdx.com.

Mule Extracts Twisted Citrus Indica Mule Kickers + Meditating at Rocky Butte

Rocky Butte is less trafficked than other popular city parks, but if the burned pre-roll filters that freckle the walkway are any indication, this elaborately enclosed, petite volcanic peak is a total stoner hot spot. Which is to say, copping a lotus position and staring into middle space while astral projecting on the south lawn is probably not going to elicit any suburban pearl clutching. Once you've achieved inner peace, you can take in what's arguably the most stunning view of the Columbia River in the whole city. The meditative highs of Mule Extracts' Mule Kicker gummies arrive via 50 mg hunks of firm, springy gummy. I have a personal affinity for the citrus variety, but all of Mule's flagship candies deliver full-spectrum, strain-specific highs and are a great size for stoner-couple tandem meditation.

Get it from: Truly OG, 4936 N Williams Ave., 971-229-1266, trulyog.com.

Wyld Marionberry Gummies + Train Watching at Kelley Point Park

These indica gummies are an attractive low-dose option for users interested in building a manageable, long-lasting high and potentially sharing their stash with a homie or two. Wyld's indica-infused marionberry gummies are flavored with authentic Oregon marionberries, and their bright, tangy mouthfuls only slightly suggest sticky terpenes, making them a great choice for users who are less than enthusiastic about skunky perfumes and gassy flavor profiles.
The aftertaste may be only mildly satisfying to fans of danker strains, but die-hard marionberry aficionados should be sated across the board by this ubiquitous gummy. Expect a spacey head high, a languid body high, and a subtle tingle just beneath the skin.

Get it from: Power Plant, 2384 NW Thurman St., 971-803-7970, thurmanstreetcollective.com.

Grön 1:1 Peach Prosecco Pearls + Playing on the Swings at Mount Tabor

If your springtime inauguration doesn't include an annual visit to Mount Tabor, maybe make this the year to consider a new tradition. Wildflowers are blooming, tree branches are budding, and the rollerbladers have returned to bomb the winding hills. Watching all of this while riding the swings, buzzed on a pearl-shaped, 1-to-1 Grön peach prosecco-flavored gummy is the stuff springtime memories are made of. Each of the sugar spheres in a Peach Prosecco Pearl 10-pack contains 5 mg each of CBD and THC, so users can expect a tempered high that is rosy and uplifting without drifting too deeply into psychoactivity.

Get it from: Paradise Found, 10655 SE 42nd Ave., Milwaukie, 503-387-3659, paradisefoundor.com.