Cannabis to Help With Daylight Saving Time

Sleep-and-wake remedies to combat our old foe, the endless dark of winter.

Nothing reminds us that we were built to hibernate like daylight saving time.

Work or school days beginning and ending with an overcast black sky and six hours of paltry sunlight that barely stays even with the crest line of the West Hills are enough to cloud the dispositions of even the sunniest stoners. And I should know: I’m a peppy, playful, professional pothead, and no amount of SAD lampage has yet to reprogram my DNA to thrive through a sunless season. Oh no, honey, I need weed for that.

Thankfully, we found many of the forthcoming seasonal mood and sleep effects can be mitigated with the right cannabis products. Whether you’re having seasonal trouble getting in and staying in bed, or getting up and staying awake, there may be a cannabis panacea for you. Here are a few of the standouts we’ve auditioned so far this year:


Greater Goods Evening Chocolate Bar

Greater Goods uses both full-spectrum CBD and a CBN isolate in its evening suite of products. The results are deeply relaxing but responsive, which is to say, a square or two of this chocolate bar can assist with light, afternoon, anxiety-quieting dozing (as I experienced on a flight earlier this year). The same dose can also support a restorative, full eight hours of sleep. The effects depend on users’ resting state when they pop a dose—a full bar contains 60 mg of CBD and 30 mg of CBN, divided neatly among 12 scored sections. Either way, users can expect manageable, buildable waves of relaxation that can easily spiral into super-restful sleep.

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Dosist Sleep

The recreational cannabis market is flush with CBD oil tinctures—we tried several dozen this year alone—but Dosist stood out for a couple of reasons: First, it features CBD and CBN exclusively, using isolated cannabinoids rather than a full-spectrum infusion. Without THC and other minor cannabinoids, Dosist tincture feels as suitable for the family medicine cabinet as it does the bedtime stash box. Second, the mouthfeel of this MCT oil is straight-up ethereal. It dissolves under the tongue and against the cheeks, leaving behind a refreshing, soothing, peppermint vapor that won’t interfere with your pre-sleep oral health routine. Third, the formula delivers an even 1-to-1 ratio of CBD and CBN per dose, 15 mg in each dropperful, which can easily be dosed drop by drop, simplifying the quest for the perfect amount per user.

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Rhythm CBD Dream Seltzer

Rhythm CBD-infused seltzers are very straightforward CBD-enhanced sodas, flavored with ultra-mild fruit essences. Rhythm’s Dream variety tastes of blackberry and lavender essences and includes 3 mg of melatonin alongside 10 mg of broad-spectrum CBD. For users who have a solid relationship with melatonin and CBD but are less inclined to experiment with novel cannabinoids, this playful aperitif is an easy, low-stakes way to slowly sip yourself into slumber. Real talk, an hour after testing this soda, I was dozing off, and the morning after, I felt well rested and refreshed.

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Caps by Cookies Energy Blend

We first came across Caps by Cookies while rounding up functional mushroom-cannabis blends, and of the several products we ended up recommending, Caps is the only one that remains part of my daily routine. Its energy blend of lion’s mane, cordyceps, CBD and CBG gets me together better than any cup of coffee, green tea, or fresh-pressed juice. Effectswise, I found the jitterless energy boost to be on par with a potent yerba mate or ambitious espresso concoction. For those feeling the effects of seasonal changes more profoundly in the early morning hours, reprieve from hibernation prohibition might be found in two of these gel caps each morning.

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Telescope Vibe Check Tincture

Vibe Check is a terpene-enhanced oil tincture developed with defined-spectrum hemp CBD: a form of broad-spectrum extraction that enables manufacturers to raise or lower cannabinoid percentages to create highly specialized products. Vibe Check’s Defined Spectrum relies on a 2-to-1 CBD-CBG ratio but also includes minor cannabinoids and cannabis-derived terpenes to dial in a precise formula. Altogether, the finished product is terp-heavy tincture that, when included in an morning routine, tempers caffeine, improves mood and focus, and offers a sheer suggestion of euphoria that might have even the summeriest of kayaking mountain stoners reveling in these short, foggy days and long, misty nights.

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Willie’s Remedy Breakfast Blend Tea

You don’t have to be a fan of the outlaw-country genre of music to appreciate Willie Nelson. His dedication to cannabis advocacy has eclipsed his redheaded stranger celebrity; he literally is a cannabis brand. Willie’s Remedy Breakfast Blend (also available as a green tea) is a black Assam/Ceylon tea blend infused with full-spectrum hemp extract, that, despite its no-frills formulation, is pretty outstanding. The first impression is basic, but the straightforwardness of this tea is appealing. The 12 mg of CBD in each tea bag delivers a satiny mood boost that arrives with zero fanfare. For all intents and purposes, this is simply a black tea that soothes, enlivens, and could make a pitch black 6 am call time or twilight lunch break marginally more bearable.

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