Six Weed Treats to Celebrate Cookie Season

Fellowship casserole season and Mariah Carey season are all just precursors to the only season that really matters: cookie season.

The most festive holiday season of all is almost upon us. Ooky-spooky season, fellowship casserole season, Mariah Carey season, these are all just precursors to the only season that really matters: cookie season.

Cookie season comes to an unofficial head in the calendar vortex between Christmas and New Year’s Day. But it officially starts with National Cookie Day, which arrives this year on Saturday, Dec. 5.

Before this season’s inevitable excess of family-friendly baked offerings start piling up, consider National Cookie Day a reminder to refresh your weed cookie stash. And when all the afternoons spent baking finally deliver their ultimate payoff and those six days of ephemeral cookie season finally arrive, you’ll have more than enough cookies, medicated and otherwise, for a proper celebration.

Here are a few of our most recent biscuit stash additions to get you started:

Korova Mint Dip Mini Cookie

Korova creates an effigy to the classic black-and-white cookie via this potent 50 mg mint chip-flecked cocoa confection, half dipped in muted green mint chocolate. Like black-and-white cookies, Korova’s Mint Dip Mini is festive, but in a way that works as well for Christmas as it does for Meemaw’s birthday. This hybrid infused mini-biscuit (about the size of a votive candle) has a stiff, biscotti-esque texture that rejects portioning but demands dunking, so consider it a varsity-stoner-only single serving—best furnished alongside a mug of hot chocolate, creamy coffee or fancy 2% dippin’ milk.

Get it from: Floyd’s Fine Cannabis, 1602 N Columbia Blvd., 503-895-9500.

Majik Buttterscotch CBD Two-Pack

For cookie heads in search of a potent cannabis cookie that doesn’t liquefy their brains, consider Majik’s Butterscotch CBD two-pack. Even heady stoners with higher THC preferences can appreciate a cookie that relaxes and de-stresses without psychotropic effects. Even without THC, this cookie has the potential to deliver all the good feels of a premium spacecake without any of the galaxy brain aftertaste. Bonus: It’s far more shareable in mixed company than a high-potency edible might be.

Get it from: WeedLand, 4027 N Interstate Ave., 541-904-0000.

Trout Chocolate Chip

Trout’s reputation for affordable, quality pre-roll packs suggests its foray into confections would be similarly accessible. Sure enough, its chocolate chip cookie is a straightforward entry into the field—a no-frills 50 mg infusion into Lissa’s Tasty Treats Gourmet Cookie Dough. This cookie has the dense, chunky charm of an amateur bake sale entry, delivering a specific appeal certain to keep a cookie from feeling neither too pretentious nor trendily homogeneous. Pro tip: This cookie’s stiff texture can be softened with a three-second microwave blast, making it easier to parcel out for multiple doses.

Get it from: Rose Budz PDX, 2410 N Mississippi Ave., 503-208-3955,

Junk Minty Moly-O’s

Junk’s Holy Moly-O’s get a minty remix with its Minty Moly-O’s, a familiar chocolate sandwich cookie with minty cream filling and a rich coating of potent, THC-infused chocolate. These cookies come in a two-pack, with each cookie measuring out to around 25 mg THC. They’re great for sharing or gifting. We love this cookie for its mellow yet potent high, but more so we love blasting off by eating a highly medicated, dopely decorated version of America’s most popular chocolate sandwich cookie.

Get it from: The Kings of Canna,1465 NE Prescott St., 971-319-6945,

Laurie + MaryJane Chewy Spice Cookie

L+MJ’s Chewy Spice Cookie is a mouthful of holiday sentimentality. The soft chew and square edges recall a sheet of neatly cut molasses cookies, fresh from the oven. The delicate layering of ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom and cannabis creates a symphony of seasonal perfumes and flavors similar to the potpourri vapors lingering around the threshold of a Christmas shop. And the dissociative high the cookie delivers is precisely what the holiday season calls for, whether your cuddle-puddling with fam and friends or vibing solo.

Get it from: Electric Lettuce, 203 NE Weidler St., 971-407-3150,

Elbe’s Edibles Lemondoodle

Elbe’s shakes up the standard snickerdoodle with a touch of brisk lemon and 50 mg of perky, full-spectrum THC. For fans of classic sugar cookies, doodles and lemon-ups, this tender doughball should satiate your cookie cravings, and though it’s on the smaller size (about 2 inches in diameter), its pliability makes dosing relatively easy. I recommend nibbling this edible with a cup of herbal tea over the course of a long sit rather than chomping the whole thing at once. Then, instead of a big swooning onset, the high percolates gradually to a captivating, yet manageable, crescendo.

Get it from: Cannabis Curb, 4069 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., 971-255-1542,