Cannabis Remedies to Temper Certain Cold and Flu Symptoms

Therapeutic hemp and cannabis products to get you through the first bacterium equinox of 2022.

Whether you’re concerned about flu season or a protracted pestilence that has likely kept you masked and hypervigilant, if not in quarantine mode, a robust cannabis medicine cabinet can help you through the first bacterium equinox of 2022.

Cannabis is by no means a cure-all, but you can use it to temper certain cold and flu symptoms much in the same way you might with an over-the-counter remedy—no astro traveling necessary. Furthermore, CBD acts as a unique immune system supporter, functioning as an anti-inflammatory, immunosuppressant and immunomodulator, conceivably keeping your immune responses evergreen (as in perennially resilient AF).

For the uninitiated, just as recreational cannabis is more than skunky blunts and milky bong hits, contemporary therapeutic cannabis is much more than inky tinctures and skunky salves. In fact, therapeutic hemp can be delivered in a number of holistic, novel and cutting-edge ways. Here are some standouts from our own cannabis medicine cabinet.

1. Identity CBD Bone Broths

Mercer Island, Wash.-based wellness brand Identity produces a number of alternative CBD-infused products, including an obsession-worthy Norwegian bone broth packet infused with 10 mg Oregon hemp CBD. Each package contains enough canna-bone bouillon for a relatively rich mugful of aromatic broth or toothsome addition to a more complex soup recipe.

Officially, the packages are meant to be mixed with 1 cup of water for a potent stock, but when mixed with 1.5 cups of water are much more sippable as a straight-up broth. The broths come in three flavors: Chicken, Chanterelle Mushroom and Ginger Ramen, with the mushroom being my own personal sick day standout.

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2. Green Heffa Fixitea

A soothing cup of tea is a sick day necessity; Green Heffa’s Fixitea Herbal “Steam” Blend is a peppermint panacea complete with soothing antiseptic, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Green Heffa is a family owned and operated farm, producing not just hemp cannabis, but all the botanicals in its teas. The brand’s founder, Farmer Cee, uses Indigenous, heritage farming techniques across Green Heffa’s 14 acres, even calling on the quilters of her hometown of Wilcox, Ala., to produce the brand’s vibrant, Afro-centric packaging. Each of the brand’s teas are built upon unique therapeutic botanical medleys, so if minty relief isn’t your bag, there are multiple other tableaus to choose from.

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3. Elixinol Everyday Rapid Reset

The oil-based cannabis tincture is a ubiquitous medicine cabinet addition, but Elixinol’s Rapid Reset absorption-ready CBD liposome stands apart from most dispensary tinctures for its water solubility. That means this tincture—unlike its oilier counterparts—will blend as seamlessly with a glass of plain, flat water as it will with more texturally complex drinks like smoothies or frothy hot drinks. The 1 mg of CBD in each pump is a low enough dose for beginners or those with THC aversions. It’s also easily buildable for users with more established cannabinoid tolerances.

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4. Mr. Moxey’s Lavender Dream Mints

Cannabis users unable to partake in their nightly weed rituals due to illness might find comfort in Mr. Moxey’s Dream Lavender Mints. The pastilles contain a low 5 mg THC dose alongside measured 2.5 mg doses of CBD and CBN, respectively. If lozenges are already part of your DIY treatment plan, swapping out a couple of throat openers for these sleep-supporting, immunity-modulating, slightly spacey, Altoid-esque edibles might ensure some restful sleep as well as therapeutic assistance. Even cannathusiasts with higher tolerances can bank on the sleep support provided by a solid dose of CBN, and the 5 mg of THC is just potent enough to make Wheel of Fortune as enthralling as it was during grade-school sick days.

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5. Lazarus Naturals Fruit Tarts

These eensy fruit candies are a secret weapon in my arsenal of cannabis remedies. Reminiscent of SweeTarts, with a punchy, puckering aftertaste that belies their therapeutic efficacy, Lazarus Natural’s Fruit Tarts are great for relieving sudden bouts of anxiety. They’re also excellent stand-ins for over-the-counter pain relievers like aspirin, acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Since discovering them, I’ve kept one of the lip gloss-sized pots on my person whenever I’m out and about, just in case a headache or body ache begins to percolate. Similarly, I offer them readily to anyone experiencing avoidable discomfort, and as such have created even more Lazarus devotees.

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