Here Are Six Black-Owned Companies to Support During Black History Month, or any Time of Year

While you may be familiar with local brands, we sought out some fresh names in other areas that are also worth spending your hard-earned coin on.

For many, Black History Month is a month of discovery—a time to binge-watch retrospectives about Black inventors and scholars, a time to share information about your favorite Black authors and artists with the larger community, and a time to find new Black-owned businesses to support, particularly those in the cannabis industry.

While you may be familiar with local favorites like LOWD, Viola, Sway, Green Muse and Releaf Health, we sought out some fresh names that are also worth spending your hard-earned coin on. Whether you check them out during Black History Month or bookmark them for future gifting purposes, each of these Black-owned cannabusinesses is worth your attention.

Satan’s Breath CBD Hot Sauce

Chef Paul Booker’s line of prize-winning hot sauces was created with the athlete’s wellness priorities in mind. The former Division I college football player is no stranger to chronic physical stress, which led him to the cannabis community once he hung up his cleats. Now, he sells his hot sauce as an alternative method for pain relief. Booker’s collection of 50 mg CBD-spiked condiments come in five varieties, including two Carolina reapers, habanero pineapple, Jamaican mango and Fresno chile. For the hot sauce connoisseur who medicates regularly, this might just be the ultimate canna-culinary gift set.

Green Heffa Farms Tea

Green Heffa Farms produces more than just the hemp flowers that contribute to the brand’s signature tea; it also cultivates the botanicals that round out the blends. Founded by Clarenda “Farmer Cee” Stanley, who comes from an agrarian family in Alabama’s Black Belt region, the company’s focus goes beyond the pursuit of capital. Stanley’s ethos is couched in what she calls the four E’s: economic empowerment, equity, education and environment—a structure designed to increase the number of socially conscious BIPOC entrepreneurs in the hemp/cannabis industry. Even Green Heffa’s packaging celebrates Black heritage: Each label is inspired by the quilts of Gee’s Bend—a rural Alabama community where enslaved women in the 19th century began making blankets from scraps of fabric.

Budzy Box

Budzy Box is a curated CBD subscription service founded by Shatoia Robinson, a former medical sales rep who pivoted to cannabis after losing her job at the outset of the pandemic. Each package features everything from luxury skin care items to sleep-inducing edibles, all assembled based on the CBD expertise Robinson acquired while working in health care. Beyond that, boxes also contain educational materials intended to normalize cannabis use.

The Apothecarry Case

As the stigma around cannabis evaporates, so do the clandestine weed storage methods many of us are used to, as evidenced by the popularity of Apothecarry’s luxury stash boxes and humidors. Founder Whitney Beatty, a former TV exec, developed the company because of the disconnect she felt between cannabis users like her and the ones represented in pop culture (spacey, lazy, homogenous AF). Each stylish Apothecarry case can hold at least two jars of cannabis. They also come equipped with a locking mechanism, making this a lovely option for parental tokers.

Mellow Fellow Premium Organic Smoke Wraps

Blunt smokers and pre-rollers of all kinds can get into Mellow Fellow’s organic cannabis wraps. These wraps are an exceptional alternative to the Backwoods or Swishers you might pick up from the corner store. That’s because Mellow Fellow wraps are made from organic, unprocessed leaves rather than traditional cigar-style tobacco wraps. Founded by Asha Richards and developed by the brand’s resident Rastafarian botanist Ras Nuru and a team of herbalists, the company offers wraps in hemp, banana and sugar palm leaf varieties. There are also organic corn husk sheets and cones ready for filling.

Buena Botanicals

It was the mother of Coral and Rah Hines, twin founders of Buena Botanicals, that served as primary inspiration for their holistic skin care brand. She suffered from arthritis, sciatica and several co-morbidities, but found relief by using CBD. Already proponents of plant-based medicine and naturopathic wellness, the sisters developed a CBD bath bar, body cream, elixir/tincture, and unrefined, infused coconut oil. In keeping with their wellness priorities, each Buena Botanicals product is made with ethically grown, hand-harvested and organic full-spectrum hemp oil.