We’ve Rounded Up the Best Smokable, Edible and Rubbable THC- and CBD-Infused Gifts for Mother’s Day

Spring for an eighth of kush, a tube of THC truffles, or a new coffee mug she can smoke weed out of.

Nowadays, the combination of motherhood and weed hardly seems taboo. In fact, there’s an entire cannabis industry niche catering to motherly types. From bath bombs to repurposed vintage bud vases, businesses are meeting the needs of a generation of baked moms, elder femmes and matriarchal figures. Even mothers who eschew the dominant cannabis culture can find a variety of low-stakes, introductory products that make parenting a little easier.

So when it comes to picking out a Mother’s Day gift, you may want to skip the flower bouquets, assorted chocolates and World’s Okayest Mom coffee mug, and instead spring for an eighth of kush, a tube of THC truffles, or a new coffee mug she can smoke weed out of. For anyone who doesn’t yet claim the “stoner mom” title, consider nonpsychoactive products like topicals that can improve the skin, provide pain relief and generally rejuvenate self-care routines.

We’ve compiled a list of festive canna-gifts just in time for Mother’s Day, but take it from a mom: Anytime is a good time to show the mamas in your life a little gratitude, so you may just want to save the following list for year-round inspiration.

For the Discerning Strain-Hunter Mom: Apothecarry Case Cannabis Humidor

The canna-snobs among us will appreciate this opulent reinterpretation of both a lockable stash box and a classic humidor. These cases are available in a variety of sizes, and each is capable of maintaining precise humidity levels. If the mother in question is more of a dab connoisseur than a bud grinder, Apothecarry’s Dabney box is designed to hold 24 dab jars, and even contains a battery-powered LED light board to showcase the contents.

BUY: theapothecarrycase.com

For the Green-Thumbed Mom: A Pot for Pot Grow Kit

A Pot for Pot offers simple, all-inclusive home-grow systems in a variety of sizes—from a kit that could fit on a countertop to a 35-gallon back-porch apparatus that can produce a few pounds of weed. Each includes everything you need to successfully grow cannabis, including flowering booster and trimming scissors.

BUY: apotforpot.com

For the Chocophile Mom: Hapy Kitchen, Grön and Serra X Woodblock Chocolate Bars

Don’t try to coast through Mother’s Day by giving mom a solitary chocolate bar. Instead, splurge on a selection of Oregon’s finest edibles so mom can pad her stash box. Hapy Kitchen’s confections are studded with even more sweets, like graham crackers and marshmallows, while Serra’s collaboration with local chocolatier Woodblock set the standard for locally made edibles. Grön’s Ruby Cacao Bar comes in a beautiful shade of pink that’s as Instagrammable as it is delicious. Add to this bundle a few non-THC-infused bars for the times when Mama needs to satisfy her sweet tooth without getting a buzz.

BUY: These brands are sold at most local dispensaries.

For the High-Strung, Multihyphenate Mom: The Healing Rose’s Calm Mom Bundle

For moms who lack the desire to get high but still want the calming, restorative benefits cannabinoids can provide, the Healing Rose has assembled a package of its bestselling self-care items. Bath soaks, aromatic massage oils and lip balm make this a great choice for the curious yet cautious consumer.

BUY: thehealingroseco.com

For the Tech-Obsessed Mom: LĒVO II Home Infuser

The heritage method of extraction can be a daylong, or even a several dayslong, event that many modern madres simply do not have the time or patience to execute. LEVO II is built to simplify the process down to a few button pushes. The machine also contains odor and mess, is easy to clean and maintain, and comes in a variety of glossy candy colors.

BUY: levooil.com

For the Flower-Enthusiast Mom: LUVLI Farms Leftovers

Cultivated by LUVLI farms, Leftovers is an astronomically high-THC strain with an interesting bit of legacy-to-legal lore behind it; bored after years of cultivating ubiquitous local varieties, the brand’s growers decided to produce an experimental phenotype that became one of this season’s most talked-about cultivars. Your mother is sure to approve, especially if you deliver it in a functional, weed-smoking mug.

BUY: For Leftovers: Amberlight Cannabis Dispensary, 2407 SE 49th Ave., 503-233-0420. For the mug: maryjaneshq.com.