Memorial Day Weekend Is the Unofficial Kickoff to Summer, so Here Are Some Barbecue-Worthy Blunts

Unless your potato salad has been specifically requested, leave your picnic basket at home and instead be the friend that delivers the party blunts.

So you scored an invite to a Memorial Day weekend cookout (weather permitting). Good for you! But before you commit to bringing something for the ice chest or grill, maybe consider a contribution that will make you a real barbecue hero: weed.

I’m not talking about infused snacks, THC drink concentrates, or marijuana-spiked condiments. I’m talking about a different party necessity, one that has evolved right alongside contemporary edibles, drinkables and spreadables. For this year’s Memorial Day weekend festivities, unless your potato salad has been specifically requested, leave your picnic basket at home and instead be the friend that delivers the party blunts.

In case you missed the blunt bus, it is a cannabis cigar traditionally rolled with either a tobacco, cannabis or hemp leaf. They are more substantial and potent than pre-rolls, and can often be found in kief-dusted, rosin-infused or extra-thick cannagar styles. Blunts are a party favor (almost) everyone can get (their lips) behind—so here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Sun God Medicinals Cannabis-Infused Herbal Blunts

Don’t let the botanical terminology fool you. These blunts contain potent, high-THC flower, live resin and kief in addition to aromatic herbs. Depending on the variety (Sun God produces three distinct herb-crusted blunts: Hypnos Sleep, Heka Visionary and Panacea Transition), these blunts may include mullein, skullcap, stinging nettle, rose, or even catnip in their blends that complement and enhance the psychotropic experience, resulting, ideally, in overall mellowing effects. Pro tip: The blunts snap and spark when puffed, which is exciting but jarring. Be prepared to flinch a few times.

BUY: Mongoose Cannabis, 3123 SE Belmont St., 541-933-8032,

Toking Blunts

Whether users opt for this brand’s standard blunts or 1-gram Bloints, Toking Blunts delivers a classic, hand-rolled experience for users who eschew fancy additions like concentrate, kief or herbs. These are blunts for purists who still yearn for the occasional Backwoods, but lack the motivation to roll one themselves. Since Toking Blunts’ wraps are simple and unflavored, this product would be a gentle, low-stakes introduction to blunt appreciation for users who prefer paper cone pre-rolls, or are otherwise unfamiliar with the joys of smoking a stupid, fat blunt.

BUY: Attis Trading, 4920 NE Cully Blvd., 503-477-8981,

Iconic Blunts

Another classic blunt for the nostalgic smoker is the Iconic Blunt. These clean, straightforward, smooth-smoking doinks are available as either full or half grams, and feature a relatively robust variety of medium-high (more than 20%) THC strains twisted into a slightly sweet wrap. My squad and I regularly smoke these blunts during our weekly RuPaul’s Drag Race watch parties, and if they’re good enough to blow at RuPaul, they’re certainly worthy of Auntie’s Memorial Day cookout.

BUY: Happy Leaf Portland Dispensary, 1301 NE Broadway St., 971-800-0420,

Fire Dept. Dipper Blunts

For an event populated with high-tolerance smokers who probably like their blunts with extra seasoning, consider bringing a handful of Fire Dept. Dippers. These hemp-rolled blunts are infused with Lunchbox Alchemy extracts and then dusted with dry ice-extracted kief. Showing up to the barbecue thrown by your most-established pothead pals with a fistful of Dippers will not only grant you legendary guest status; you’ll probably get the first plate at the buffet, which is arguably the greatest honor.

BUY: Broadway Cannabis Market, 427 NW Broadway, 503-212-0608,

Korova Unrivaled Blunts

Korova packs 2 grams of flower (no shake allowed) in each of its hemp-rolled blunts, which all feature prime cuts culled from Korova’s top-shelf growing partners. These blunts are exceptional because of their husky size, which makes them sharable at more intimate parties, ensuring everyone gets a hit before the food is served.

BUY: Cured Green, 3715 N Lombard St., 503-206-5430,