Here Are Five of Our Favorite Local LGBTQ+ Cannabis Brands to Support This June

In anticipation of a month filled with corporate rainbow-washing, we thought it would be a good time to give a shout-out to homegrown queer-owned cannabusinesses.

Gay potheads and allies, this Pride season is arguably the most critical to date.

Trans kids are under attack in multiple states, Florida literally banned the word “gay” from schools, and rights to bodily autonomy are being threatened nationwide. Over 200 bills that would limit the rights of LGBTQ+ Americans have been filed this year, and many big brands that funded the politicians behind these proposals are now gearing up to spend the next month pandering as hard as possible to the LGBTQ+ community.

In anticipation of a month filled with corporate rainbow-washing, we thought it would be a good time to give a shout-out to some of our favorite, homegrown queer-owned cannabusinesses. My weed budget has no gender, no biology, and certainly no sexuality, but it does have the power to support members of my own LGBTQ+ community.

Sway Blunts

For the low-dose smoker who still enjoys an ultra-rich exhale, Sway Blunts should be your new favorite indulgence. These cigars are hand-rolled with sticky, fragrant hemp-cannabis with a THC of 3% or lower, and are sold as minis, traditional wraps, or cured-and-layered Thai sticks. Founded by Melody Wright and led by partner Sonia Fay Wright, Sway is a brand that is easy to support because it combines both wellness and recreational goals. Bonus: The weight, density and heady perfume of these blunts give them an almost ritualistic, ceremonial vibe when smoked.


Peak Extracts

Peak Extracts was one of the state’s first producers of infused chocolate, but it also makes one of the most effective cannabis salves on the market. Both its confections and its topicals are born from the expertise of founders Katie Stem and Kate Black. Stem, a Chinese medicine practitioner based her salve on an ancient recipe for treating blunt-force trauma, while Black is the resident chocophile. Peak is another company that skillfully walks the line between therapy and recreation, with strain-specific chocolates that can meet the needs of medical patients as well as low-maintenance, snacky stoners.


Empower BodyCare

Founded by Trista Okel, Empower BodyCare sells cannabis-infused skin care products that are functional and luxurious. From the soaking salts to the oils to the lotions, this collection can be used by the whole family, not just adult potheads. Pro tip: The roll-on oil applicator is great for on-the-go medicating, is back-pocket and fanny-pack friendly, and is absorbed by the skin without leaving a greasy residue.


Oracle Wellness

Helmed by onetime WW cover model Megon Dee, Oracle Wellness produces therapeutic tinctures, salves and hemp-herb blends from a culinary point of view. Dee, who began her work in cannabis as a chef, uses her kitchen skills to develop products that are as valued for their balanced, thoughtful flavor profiles as they are for their efficacy. That combo has given her flagship tincture a cult following. Dee’s line is rounded out by a selection of cannabis accessories that includes candles, joint clips, oil spritzers and herb bundles.


Green Box

Green Box is a cannabis delivery service, online dispensary, and line of curated subscription boxes serving the greater Portland area. Founded by Adrian Wayman, who’s poised to become the industry’s next multihyphenate, Green Box is a digital one-stop shop for both the weekly reup and the occasional extravagant gift box. Expect to find all your favorite products you could get from your neighborhood dispensary as well as the latest drops and top-rated accessories. Customers shopping for subscriptions or gift boxes can customize their hauls.


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