From a Stylish Water Pipe to Hyper-Organized Stash Trays, Here Are 11 Cannabis-Themed Gifts for Father’s Day

We’ve got all the dads covered: from the collector to the strain hunter to the wellness guru.

Pot-Lovin' Pops

Being a cannamom is a very fashionable topic.

Mother’s Day weed gift sets now rival those for the established wine-obsessed moms, midday talk shows giddily dish about the benefits of stoned parenting, and the most famous momfluencers in the world are shilling CBD bath bombs and gummies.

But what about cannadads?

While reveling in discourse about how cannabis makes for more effective mothering, we sometimes overlook the fact that fathers might parent more patiently and effectively as well when responsibly using cannabis products. Keeping that in mind this Father’s Day, skip the typical mug, slippers and tie and instead shower your herb-loving dad with the latest gadgets, gizmos and, of course, hella good weed. Because, let’s be honest: If you’re lucky enough to have a present, engaged, tender-loving cannadad in the first place, well, honey, that’s worth celebrating all year round.


East Fork Cultivars Oil Tinctures

Established as one of the most aggressively holistic cannabis brands in the Oregon market, East Fork is firmly dedicated to full-organic processes that set the gold standard for therapeutic cannabis cultivation. Its new tinctures, made with an avocado oil base, are a testament to the company’s commitment to producing extraordinary, high-quality products. Use these as part of a daily wellness regimen and expect robust results.

BUY: Hemp Bar, 6258 SE Foster Road, 503-477-7183,

Caps by Cookies

Is it just me or are all the dads really into functional mushrooms right now? Caps by Cookies are cannabinoid-mushroom-blend capsules formulated to produce either restful sleep or relaxed focus. The Bed Head blend features CBD and CBN as well as chaga, maitake, reishi, shiitake, and turkey tail mushrooms, while the Clarity variety includes lion’s mane and cordyceps along with CBD and CBG.

BUY: Cookies, 16102 NE Halsey St., 503-764-9863,

High Desert Pure Mimosa Aloe Gel

Dads who include skin care in their wellness regimen may appreciate this aloe vera-based, cannabis gel moisturizer. The citrus fragrance is bright but not overly sweet, and the gel is absorbed cleanly, leaving skin moisturized rather than greasy or sticky. Bonus: Though this product is primarily for skin care, I have used it to moisturize my hands during bouts of tendinitis and felt the same marginal relief I might get from any other quality topical.

BUY: Somewhere Dispensary, 2128 NW Overton St., 503-384-2466,


Blazy Susan

This reimagined stash tray is a must-have for any dad who struggles with organization. Modeled after a lazy Susan, these trays feature spaces to roll, prep dabs and hold (almost) all types of smoking accessories and supplies. Finishes include dark and light woodgrain, deep pine green, black, and bubble-gum pink if your dad’s into a stoned Barbie aesthetic.


Suddenly Stoned

We reviewed this simple, straightforward card game earlier this year and found it to be something of a necessity for fun-loving potheads. The stakes are crazy low: Players take turns drawing cards and completing tasks, points are noncompulsory, rounds are elective, and game play can be as earnest or as flippant as you’d like.


Rogue Paq Ritual Case

For the fanny-pack father, consider this sleek, contemporary cannabis carrier as a Daddy Day gift. These lambskin cases feature scent suppression, a water-resistant protective lining, and a removable internal pouch. The whole thing is graspable with one hand, which means it also fits easily into a daybag or roomy hip pack. Plus, if you’re looking to make Dad feel fancy, the cases can be monogrammed.



Heir Waterpipe

Heir’s water pipes are designed to produce clean, smooth hits, but aesthetics were not overlooked. The ceramic, stainless steel and soda-lime glass devices are stylish enough to display on a bookshelf. The mouthpiece and downstem screw apart easily from the body, making cleaning—arguably the most obnoxious thing about smoking from a bong—as simple as rinsing with hot water. The wide, brass bowl holds enough flower for deep-lunged varsity smokers to toke solo, or for a pair of stoned parents to happily share.


Vessel Helix Pipe

Every stoner dad needs a one-hitter of his very own, and Vessel’s Helix pipes have a masculine vibe that make them perfect for Father’s Day. The devices hold just enough flower for a single user to sneak a toke, and its double-helix design filters and cools hits. Precision crafted in pure, nontoxic brass, the gunmetal gray housing says this is very much for dudes by dudes.



Sugar Daddy

This indica-dominant strain features a sweet, lemony exhale and a rich, herbal bouquet. Users report bold euphoric highs that taper into relaxation. THC percentages average below 25%, but you should still expect a potent high and eventual couchlock.

BUY: Belmont Collective Dispensary, 2036 SE Belmont St., 503-477-8953,

Mac Daddy

This rare cultivar delivers heavy, body-soothing effects alongside a potent, cottony head high. Users report experiencing everything from feeling energetic to soupy, depending on their resting state, so puff slowly and with caution.

BUY: Oregrown Portland Cannabis Dispensary, 111 NE 12th Ave., 503-477-6898.

The Godfather

Another heavy-hitter with strong indica genetics is Godfather, a cross of XXX OG and Alpha OG. Expect a pungent skunk perfume and gassy exhale that delivers a sleepy, cashmere-soft body high and gently relaxed head space.

BUY: Lemonnade PDX, 6218 NE Columbia Blvd., 971-279-2337,

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