In Honor of Oil Day, We Rounded Up Some of Our Favorite Cannabis Concentrates

For the uninitiated, July 10, also known as Oil Day, is a stoner holiday in the same vein as 4/20, designated as such because its date, when turned upside down, spells OIL.

For the uninitiated, July 10, also known as Oil Day, is a stoner holiday in the same vein as 4/20, designated as such because its date, when turned upside down, spells OIL. At its inception, the culture around dabbing concentrated cannabis (i.e., vaporizing, often from a modified bong with a mini torch, but sometimes with a glass straw and a scrap of metal) was gaining steam. And that’s it, the whole reason for the holiday.

Yes, it’s ridiculous, but sometimes ridiculous is just what the doctor ordered. Oil Day is a frivolity that feels necessary in our collective dystopia, a contemporary iteration of a Hallmark holiday but created exclusively for the most tolerant potheads.

This July 10, consider taking advantage of local deals and loading up your stash boxes with these concentrates, extracts, sugars and oils, categorized here by price range. Then, when the next news cycle rips your heart in half, you’ll have enough of the essential sticky icky to piece it back together.


Imperial Extracts Purple Punch Live Rosin

Purple Punch is, for most, a super-cushiony hybrid with strong euphoric and sedative effects. Bred from a cross of Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple, this cultivar’s genetics skew indica, and the effects are both potent and long lasting, especially when dabbed. Live Rosin, not to be confused with resin—the black buildup on overused, undercleaned pipes and bongs—is a solventless extract made from bubble hash. This concentrate is an event, though the delivery is very no frills, so load up your home rig to maximize your stoner relaxation.

BUY: Gnome Grown, 5012 NE 28th Ave., 971-346-2098,

Oregrown Stacy’s Mom Diamonds

Diamonds are ultra-pure, faceted THCA crystals that resemble diamonds. These sparkling rocks are typically delivered in a slurry of thick oil and, since they deliver some of the most dazzlingly potent highs, are typically reserved for dedicated dabbers. Stacy’s Mom delivers a balanced high that’s both social and physically soothing. Expect a fruity exhale with a lingering diesel aftertaste and a peppery, herbal aroma.

BUY: Oregrown, 111 NE 12th Ave., 503-477-6898.


Funk Extracts Platinum Cake Batter

This collab between Funk Extracts and PDX Organic Farms is a cross of Platinum OG and Wedding Cake. Platinum Cake Batter’s genetics deliver relaxing body effects and a soupy, anxiety-quelling head high, which is appropriate for our times. Users also report this strain can relieve chronic pain, making it a choice extract for after-work chill-out time.

BUY: AmeriCanna Rx, 8654 NE Sandy Blvd., 971-254-4581,

Bobsled Love Potion Cured Resin Sugar Sauce

Love Potion is a sativa hybrid bred by Reeferman Seeds. This cultivar was developed from a cross of G13, Santa Marta Colombian Gold, and Colombian Gold. The result is a peppy, sparkling, lemon- and gas-flavored sauce that, while sloppy to load into a dab rig, is still satisfying. Some find Love Potion’s effects to be highly sensual, others simply appreciate the peppy, clarifying high.

BUY: Deanz Greenz Dispensary, 10415 NE Sandy Blvd., 971-255-0758,


Disco Dabs Gelato Glue Shatter

Crowd-fave Gelato is a well-balanced and hyperresponsive strain, delivering effects largely based on the user’s resting state, which is to say this strain is an effective mood brightener and body soother that’s great for pretty much any time of day. Gelato is bred from a cross of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Cookies, and the resulting genetics are just potent enough to scare off newbies and delight established dab connoisseurs. Expect a minty, vanilla nose and a creamy, citrusy exhale.

BUY: Budlandia, 8135 SE Woodward St., 503-412-8447,

Hush LA Cheese Shatter

Hush dabs are typically the cheapest extracts on the concentrate shelf, which makes them a good product for beginners. Shattered extracts are simply extracts that have been processed to a glasslike consistency, and those shards can sometimes make dosing easier. LA Cheese is a cross of LA Confidential and Exodus Cheese that typically delivers energetic, creative highs that are deeply euphoric.

BUY: Pur Roots Dispensary, 5816 NE Portland Highway, 971-865-5176.

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