Growing Your Own Cannabis Can Be Rewarding and Fun. Here Are Six Easy-to-Cultivate Strains to Get You Started.

When capitalism finally meets its grisly end, at least you can keep your stash jars full thanks to your newly discovered farming skills.

As much as you may love a fruitful dispensary visit, few flowers can compare to the ones cultivated in your own kitchen, balcony or backyard.

Not only does a small home grow help you refine your palate, the process can elevate your appreciation for well-cared-for cannabis. In Oregon, any household can cultivate up to four plants. That’s four opportunities to find your green thumb, dial in your plant daddy vibes, and become the growmaster of your stoner fantasies.

Whether you start your grow with a clone or seeds, we’ve provided you with a list of easy beginner strains that will thrive both indoors and out. And when capitalism finally meets its grisly end, at least you can keep your stash jars full thanks to your newly discovered farming skills.

Indoor Strains

Blue Dream

This balanced hybrid is a cross of Blueberry and Haze, and the resulting cultivar delivers a euphoric, mildly energizing high. Therapeutic users appreciate this strain’s ability to treat neuropathy, insomnia, post-traumatic stress disorder, and stress. THC levels top out in the upper 20s, but many cultivars sit somewhere between 17% and 23%, depending on where you source your seeds or clone. Expect dense, bright-green nugs with an earthy, vanilla perfume and sweet, herbal exhale.

Flowering time: 75 days from germination

Average yield: 20 ounces

Dutch Treat

Popular Amsterdam cultivar Dutch Treat is a indica-leaning hybrid that typically delivers a giggly, perky head high and a super-soothing body buzz. First-time growers will appreciate how low maintenance this plant tends to be. Expect a sweet, piney nose and traces of blueberry in the exhale. The flowers tend to be bright green with a fine dusting of crystals.

Flowering time: 56 to 63 days

Average yield: 12 ounces

Blue Cheese

This cross of Blueberry and Cheese is known for its creative, crystalline head high. The aroma is, as one can imagine based on the name, hella pungent, which you’ll need to take under consideration when deciding where to place this plant—particularly if you live in an apartment or condo. Expect a creamy, skunky exhale and light green buds laced with bright orange threads.

Flowering time: 49 to 56 days

Average yield: 18 ounces

Outdoor Strains

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is one of the most popular and well-known strains that’s thought to be native to the mountains of Afghanistan. While it is pure indica, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will put you to sleep. In fact, most users describe a nuanced high that’s buzzy in the head and velvety smooth in the body. Growers appreciate the plant’s hardiness and strong yields. Expect a woody, piney aroma and a slightly spicy exhale.

Flowering time: 45 to 50 days

Average yield: 18 ounces

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a pure sativa descendant of an African landrace strain brought overseas in the ‘70s, and has become one of the more popular functional daytime varieties. Therapeutic users celebrate its ability to treat depression, chronic pain and bipolar disorder, but in large doses, Durban Poison has been known to produce anxiety in less-experienced users. Durban Poison should, theoretically, thrive outdoors, but be sure to give it some extra attention in the form of pruning, fertilizing and sweet talking. Expect a light piney nose, a pungent exhale, and dense buds covered in trichomes.

Flowering time: 56 to 63 days

Average yield: 13 ounces


This balanced hybrid of Cinderella 99 and Vortex is a popular strain with first-time home growers, since it has a short flowering period and high yields. The cultivar is also easy to care for. Cinex’s tight, minty-green buds are dusted with crystallike trichomes and amber filaments. Expect a bright, citrusy aroma and a powerfully skunky exhale.

Flowering time: 50 to 60 days

Average yield: 19 ounces