Paranoid and Panting After Trying a Potent New Strain? Here Are Seven Ways to Come Back Down Quickly.

There are remedies for greening out, going cannatonic, or being violently baked.

On the flip side of all the recent advancements in cannabinoid therapy is a culture of cannabis breeding that feels like a never-ending race to develop strains with THC percentages high enough to melt a user’s face off.

I certainly appreciate the determination, but it can be a little much, even for the varsity stoners among us. Ultra-high THC cultivars often sacrifice a more nuanced, full-spectrum high for a less-dimensional, heartstopping rocketship ride. And sometimes, the result is that users, particularly novices, simply get too damn high.

But there are remedies for greening out, going cannatonic, or being violently baked.

For generations, learning how to temper an out-of-control high required advice from a mature pothead or witchy stoner auntie, but today users can easily prepare their stash boxes and kitchen pantries with remedies both natural and human-made. The next time you overindulge in edibles or smoke a strain that’s more potent than expected, try any of these seven methods to come back down.

Chew a Peppercorn

While some swear that simply taking a few strong whiffs of peppercorns is enough to temper an anxious high, a more common trick is to crush a single peppercorn between your teeth when your high begins to spin out of control. Black pepper is rich with the terpene caryophyllene, which enhances the sedative qualities of THC. That alone could be enough to curb a high that’s become too spacey.

Suck a Lemon

Just as black pepper’s caryophyllene works with THC to produce relaxation, lemon’s chief terpene, limonene, could have similar therapeutic effects. Limonene’s potency is such that when the aroma combines with the shock of a mouthful of tart juice, it’s enough not only to shake the rough edges from a jagged high, but also wash away the hallmark of a rough sesh: an uncomfortably dry cottonmouth.

Break a Sweat

Engaging in some manner of low-key physical activity can often ease the dizzying effects of a potent cultivar. Even light movement can help lower blood pressure, relieve stress and anxiety, and burn off that intense, chest-tightening surplus of energy. If you’re still functional enough to shake a tail feather, a familiar yoga flow, a quick spin with a hula hoop, or even a freak-out dance attack will help readjust your mind and body.

Take a Cold Shower

While a warm shower might push your high over the edge and leave you too foggy to do anything other than take a nap, a cold shower will reinvigorate you. But there’s no need to jump into an ice bath. Instead, slip into a lukewarm shower and slowly dial down the temp until you find it cold enough to shatter the fuzz. Then shake it off, chug some ice water for good measure, and go about your day.

Oracle Wellness Hi-Ject

Unlike other cannabinoid tinctures, Oracle Wellness’ Hi-Ject was formulated specifically to curb THC highs that have become too intense. The proprietary fluid is a spritzable blend of cannabinoids and terpenoids that reportedly lessens the effects of THC in 15 to 45 minutes. Oracle calls it the “EpiPen for weed users,” and for newer users still navigating the effects of contemporary superweed, Hi-Ject could indeed be a critical stash box component.

East Fork Cultivars Blue Orchid Organic CBD Oil

Just as peppercorns and lemon peels have a reputation for calming highs, so do potent, therapeutic CBD products. East Fork Cultivars is a notably holistic brand, from seed to counter, and many of its therapeutic strains can do double duty as cannabinoid therapies and THC cushions for established users. Blue Orchid is a favorite not only because of its grassy, herbal mouthfeel and quick activation, but also for the added dimension it offers to the psychotropic effects it dampens.

Cookies Lemon Pound Cake CBD Cartridge

If you prefer a velvety vape to drops under the tongue, consider keeping a cartridge of the popular Cookies CBD strain Lemon Pound Cake in your stone zone. A hit from a CBD vape is the quickest way to tamp down a high that’s intensifying past comfortable levels, and Lemon Pound Cake is quite tasty. This strains’ skunky, lemon-sweet exhale and smooth, mood-easing effects make it remarkably pleasant to use.