We Rounded Up Exciting New Strains That Are Hitting Dispensary Shelves Just in Time for Pumpkin-Spice and Apple-Picking Season

Our state is incredibly fertile, producing not just a wide variety of produce, but also an abundance of weed.

If the apples falling from my neighborhood back alley trees are any indication, harvest season is officially here. And just in time, too. If you’re like me, the spate of August heat waves has you yearning extra hard for some sweater weather.

Temperatures aside, Oregon is arguably at her best in the fall, and for more reasons than the dazzling leaf colors, fat zucchinis and expansive corn mazes. Our state is incredibly fertile, producing not just a wide variety of produce, but also an abundance of weed.

However, despite prolific production, Oregon’s cannabis use is down. You might even say recreational weed is going through a bit of a recession. But, during harvest season, we can reconnect with weed by celebrating the cultivation process along with the breeders whose hard work medicates our daily lives.

To get started, here is a roundup of exciting new strains you can use to stock your fall canna-cornucopia as they begin to hit dispensary shelves.

Dream Cake

Bred from a cross of Wedding Cake and Sunset Sherbet by Seed Junky Genetics just this year, this hybrid delivers the best of both its parent strains. Dream Cake has pronounced indica genetics and, as such, delivers distinctly serene effects. Users report romantic, dreamy highs best suited for low-stakes home use. Considering the genetics of this cultivar, you can expect the swooning tranquility of Wedding Cake and the sensual relaxation of Sunset Sherbet, both gently uplifted by a peppery, caryophyllene-forward terpene profile.

BUY: Pur Roots Dispensary, 5816 NE Portland Highway, 971-865-5176.


Zoap is a relatively novel, balanced hybrid with a complex genetic story. This cross of Pink Guava, Rainbow Sherbet, and F2 Pheno 21 arrives with a high potency (25% THC and up), resulting in a thick, cottony body buzz with the potential to either settle users deep in the couch or herd them toward the kitchen for a sleepwalkinglike adventure in snacking. Depending on their resting state, users report giggly, social highs as well as deep body relaxation. Potential therapeutic effects include relief from depression, nausea and chronic pain.

BUY: Club Sky High, 8975 N Lombard St., 503-719-5801, clubskyhigh.net.

Georgia Pie

Georgia Pie is an intensely cool, mollifying hybrid bred from a cross of Gellati and Kush Mints. This cultivar is reportedly strong enough to keep varsity stoners in a literal and figurative haze for the rest of harvest season. Effects include sparking euphoria, heavy limbs, mellow introspection and a powerful case of the munchies. By most accounts, this strain smells and tastes like sweet, buttery pie crust, which is very on brand for a season dedicated to pumpkin spice and apple picking.

BUY: Nectar, 2422 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 503-719-6106, nectar.store.

Supa Durban

If high-octane strains dominate your stash box, Supa Durban will be your brisk autumn wake-and-bake go-to. The strain is a haze-crossed variation of an already fiery landrace sativa, so users should expect a bright-eyed head high and blood-pumping body buzz. Pro tip: Use this cultivar with intention. It has a strong “rearrange your bathroom” vibe that could leave unprepared stoners feeling tightly wound. Take it slow, and keep some colored pencils on standby.

BUY: TreeHouse Collective, 2419 NE Sandy Blvd., 503-894-8774.


Zuyaqui is a sleepier cultivar that delivers potent, tranquilizing body highs and cashmere-fuzz behind the eyes. Bred from a cross of mellow hybrids Dogwalker and Horchata, Zuyaqui expresses her genetics with a daydreamy onset that melts into a velvet-heavy body high. Users detail classic pothead effects, like heavy eyelids, reckless snacking, and Netflix till naptime-style relaxation. Stoners who herald the arrival of fall because you’re leaving for work and coming home in the dark, Zuyaqui may be the perfect cultivar to kick back and disassociate with.

BUY: Today’s Herbal Choice Barbur, 9220 SW Barbur Blvd., #107, 503-208-3042, todaysherbalchoice.com.

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