If You’re Looking to Add to Your Glass Collection, We’ve Rounded Up Unique Pieces That Belong on Every Stoner’s Shelf.

From a crystal ball to a mini bottle of rosé to a fancy Stündenglass gravity bong, there are a lot of attractional and functional smoke utensils out there.

An impressive glass collection is the ultimate stoner flex.

Any jabroni can roll into a dispensary and stock up on some top-shelf supplies, but it can take years to develop a truly impressive array of smoke utensils. And frankly, it takes a bit of savvy to make sure that collection is not only attractive to look at, but also fully functional.

If you have the urge to fill a shelf with fine glass pipes and bongs, where do you begin? A huge beaker bong with an enormous logo on the mouth? A decorative hand-blown art piece? A bong that lights itself with its own laser?

Well, first, maybe save the novelties for wealthy dilettantes. Working-class aficionados know that function and form can come together in the most collectable of ways at the most accommodating of prices without a ton of unnecessary fanfare (I’m looking at you, laser bong). Here are some contemporary pieces we’ve had the good fortune to sample over the past 12 months, each making us reconsider how we thought of bongs altogether.

Canna Style Crystal Ball Bong, $109

Every mystic femme stoner was crushing on Canna Style’s Crystal Ball Bong when it dropped—including yours truly. The glass orb is a functional water pipe that doesn’t just resemble a broom-wielding witch’s crystal ball, it actually is a crystal ball. The pipe function is unique: Instead of featuring a mouthpiece, the ball has a small hole that the user draws from opposite the bowl. The piece takes less than a half-cup of fluid, which sits in the base so the globe can dramatically fill with smoke. Despite the novelty, it’s actually a solid bong, delivering a sufficient cloudful with each hit. Bonus: Before I added water, I placed my lips on the small hole to test out the draw, and the empty ball made a high-pitched whistle. Magic ball, indeed.

BUY: shopcannastyle.com

Session Goods Bong, from $185

Contemporary stoners who cringe at large, bubbling water pipes might appreciate the minimalist vibe of Session Goods’ products. Its signature bong also takes only a small amount of water (or a few ice cubes), so users take note: Do not let this piece molder away by leaving the base filled with murky resin water. In fact, it practically demands a fresh splash of H2O every other session. Easy to clean, easy to hit, easy to store in communal spaces, Session’s ergonomic unit could be perfect for smokers who’d rather not deal with used bong water at all.

BUY: sessiongoods.com

Elevate Jane Mimi, from $179

Similar to Session Goods’ bong, Elevate Jane’s Mimi is a minimalist vase with a very small water chamber that needs to be purged after almost every sesh. This unit, however, has a subtle, feminine aesthetic that’s made it a favorite among high-femme cannainfluencers. The Mimi comes in a variety of transparent hues, which means it’s easy to integrate with your end table objets d’art. The smoke chamber is considerably large, which juxtaposes sweetly against the unit’s feminine lilt—Elevate Jane knows that femmes need big hits to stay high.

BUY: elevatejane.com

Heir Waterpipe, from $220

The construction of the Heir water pipe is significantly different from any other bong we’ve used lately. The bowl and mouthpiece are both housed in a ceramic top piece that screws off of a glass smoke chamber approximately as big as a tall boy. Because of the unique way the pieces all come together, this unit is super easy to clean, which is a big plus considering how milky and resinous the hits its produces can be. Of all the new interpretations of water pipes we’ve auditioned, the Heir remains one of the most impressive reimaginings. Your experience may vary, but we endorse it wholeheartedly.

BUY: smokeheir.com

Canna Style Rosé Wine Bottle Bong, $69

Once you’ve selected your primary bong, padding out the collection with some nonessential kitsch is necessary, hence this small, personal bong fashioned after a bottle of rosé. This unit is small enough to pass as shelf décor, but still delivers a substantial hit. Users should know that the bong is less practical for daily use and much better suited for special occasions. Heaven forbid you develop a resin buildup on that precious pink glass; the shape of the downstem would make it more than difficult to scrub.

BUY: shopcannastyle.com

Stündenglass Kompact Gravity Infuser, $599.95

For the cannaisseur with plenty of disposable income and a penchant for gravity bongs, the Stündenglass is a must. As seen on the social media feeds of cannacelebs like Wiz Khalifa, Seth Rogen and even Mike Tyson (with whom Stündenglass collaborated), the flagship model is a beast, but the mini functions precisely the same way at about two-thirds the size. The unit has two pint-sized glass chambers—one for water, the other for smoke—that rotate, drawing smoke from a hookah-style bowl and expelling it through a touch-free mouthpiece. Given its mouth-free hitting and long-burning bowls, Stündenglass is practically encouraging you to bring the Kompact to a party. It even comes with a handy carrying case.

BUY: stundenglass.com

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