Here Are Six Sweet Strains for the Chocolate Lover in Your Life This Valentine’s Day

In a market flooded with cheese, diesel and piney citrus cultivars, a chocolate-flavored cannabis strain is uniquely charming.


This Valentine’s Day, instead of flowers and chocolates, streamline your shopping and give your stoner sweetie a top-shelf bouquet of chocolate cannabis flowers instead.

Several cannabis strains, both classic and modern, taste just like chocolate. And whether they’re bred from a chocolate parent strain or not, most of these cultivars share chocolate’s primary terpene: linalool. In cacao and cannabis, it’s the key driver of those rich, earthy and sweet botanical flavors and fragrances most of us crave. So just like your favorite craft chocolate bars, these cultivars can be incredibly complex and nuanced.

In a market flooded with cheese, diesel and piney citrus cultivars, a chocolate-flavored cannabis strain is uniquely charming, especially on Valentine’s Day. So this year, whether buying a gift for your pothead paramour or your lovely stoner self, consider taking home some of these chocolate strains.


Chocolope is a potent, euphoric strain that delivers an energetic and creative high prized by bright-eyed, social smokers. But users who favor this cross of Chocolate Thai with Cannalope Haze aren’t just party potheads. A large number of people report that Chocolope eases anxiety and moderates their mood when puffed judiciously. Newbies, take note: This punchy high could tip into paranoia if overdone, so inhale with caution.

BUY: Kaleafa Cannabis Company, 5232 SE Woodstock Blvd., 971-407-3208,

Chocolate Hashberry

There’s more than just chocolate-scented smoke to appreciate when using this strain. Chocolate Hashberry’s potent, long-lasting buzz should also be appealing—even for those whose favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla. This finely tuned cross of Chocolate Kush and Blackberry Kush is a magic carpet ride in the head with cashmere-soft, bod-soothing physical effects that therapeutic users say are highly effective at relieving issues like chronic anxiety, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, depression and chronic pain.

BUY: TJ’s on Powell, 7827 SE Powell Blvd., 503-719-7140.

Chocolate Oranges

For users in the market for a strain that leads to a heavier stone that also has an inhale reminiscent of a Terry’s Chocolate Orange segment, get ready, because there is a cultivar bred especially for you. Chocolate Oranges is a super-dank, blissfully syrupy, heavy-duty sedative strain worthy of either the nightstand or the stash box. This cross of Mint Chocolate Chip and Orange Valley OG is a couchlocking cultivar best suited for low-stakes activities. Many users say they experience an electric euphoria at the onset that smoothly dissolves into hazy relaxation. Others report it’s an effective sleep aid, depending on their resting state.

BUY: Kush Cart, 971-229-1281,

Chocolate Thai

Once known as Thai Stick (ask an old head), Chocolate Thai is a pure landrace strain native to Thailand, and a parent strain to many of the newer chocolate varieties on the market today. Though the cultivar features relatively low THC percentages by today’s boutique dispensary standards, Chocolate Thai is a potent, energizing strain that delivers a sugar-rushlike body high and a crystalline, hyper-blissed-out head high. Daytime users prize this strain because it can lead to a cool focus and inspired creativity. Therapeutic users report relief from chronic fatigue, anxiety and depression.

BUY: Mongoose Cannabis Co., 3123 SE Belmont St., 541-933-8032,

Chocolate Trip

Strain hunters on the lookout for a chocolaty cannabis sedative with a psychedelic head high and buttery-soft body buzz should check out Chocolate Trip, a rare cross of Indigo Diamond and Chocolate Thai. Despite its hot-blooded lineage, this cultivar’s effects skew dreamy rather than bubbly. Recreational users describe highs that are elated yet firmly grounded, electrifying yet lazily soothing, and manageably psychotropic. Therapeutic users report relief from migraines, depression and chronic pain.

BUY: The Green Planet, 17332 SE Powell Blvd., 503-912-1144.


Chocolatina is a dank, moderately sedative strain bred from Tina and Mint Chocolate Chip. It’s known for its euphoric onset, which fizzles into a lethargy that recreational users appreciate at the end of a stressful day. The average THC level falls between 15% and 25%, but no matter where your strain lands, you can anticipate a giddy, serene head high and comfortably numb body buzz.

BUY: Northwest Cannabis Company, 17937 SW McEwan Road, Tualatin, 971-634-4400,

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