Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Pothead Papa in Your Life

The bottom line is, Father’s Day can and should be much more than a celebration of traditional Christian fatherhood.

How serendipitous that both Juneteenth and Pride Month so neatly fit alongside Father’s Day.

One holiday celebrates emancipation finally being enforced throughout the U.S. more than two years after slavery was abolished. The other is a monthlong celebration of LGBTQ+ equity and inclusion. And then we have a Spokane, Wash., woman’s response to the already established Mother’s Day in honor of her father, a Civil War vet, who raised her and her siblings. I’d argue that two of these celebrations hold a bit more weight, but I’d also assert that all three are intrinsically intertwined.

Black fatherhood has been systematically disrupted, and we are at the very outset of a recovery process. Father’s Day could be a powerful part of that recovery. Furthermore, parenthood is something that is still largely denied to same-sex couples, and with a whole new generation of LGBTQ+ youth facing a criminalized existence, LGBTQ+ patriarchs are a vital resource now more than ever.

The bottom line is, Father’s Day can and should be much more than a celebration of traditional Christian fatherhood. Let’s honor not only patriarchs—whatever they may look like. If you’re lucky enough to have a special stoner-day-type someone to in your life, here are a few gift ideas to get the party started:

Straindaddy 510 Cartridge Caddy

If the dad your shopping for always has multiple vape cartridges rattling around in junk drawers, stash boxes, or messenger bags (wait, am I a dad?), the very appropriately named Straindaddy 510 Cartridge Caddy is a stone zone must-have. The 8.15-inch-long, 2-inch-tall desktop container holds multiple vapes and cartridges of varying sizes. Mine currently holds no fewer than five 510 carts, three disposable vapes, two pen vaporizers, my beloved custom Pax and three paint markers whose caps went missing.

BUY: Straindaddycaddy.com, $12.99.

Puffco Proxy

For dads who prefers to dab, consider a sleek new rig that will make them the envy of all the other pothead fathers. Puffco’s flagship vaporizer has long been the gold standard for e-rigs, and its newer, smaller, Sherlock pipe-shaped version, Proxy, has all of the same features that made the original such a hit: It’s easy to use, produces velvety smooth hits, and is stylish enough to sit on a shelf among decorative tchotchkes.

BUY: Puffco.com, $299.

Czech Pipe Tool

No stash box, party table or smoke area is complete without some sort of tool that can poke, scrape or tamp. For pothead pops who use bent bobby pins or paper clips to clean their bowls, help them level up with the Czech Pipe Tool, which has three distinct prongs: a pick, a tamper and a scraper that doubles as a dab device/crumb spoon. It’s a small but powerful gift.

BUY: Smokingpipes.com, $2.50.

Cloudius9 Tectonic9 Auto Dispensing Grinder

Every cannathusiast patriarch in my orbit is flush with grinders. However, they are mostly branded plastic promo devices that were free with a 4/20 purchase and seized up after their first good twist. The remedy to Dad’s stash of crummy grinders is simple: This automatic machine that mills weed into fluffy shreds with the flick of a switch. Bonus: The lack of wrist action required to operate will be a welcome change for fathers with tendonitis. Double bonus: It comes in pink!

BUY: Cloudious9.com, $59.99.

Live Rosin Selects at Oregrown

Making sure the pappies of the hour are properly medicated is crucial on Father’s Day, so before springing for new electric rigs or imported pipe tools, stock their stash with some selections from Oregrown’s fantastic lineup of live rosin extracts, which are made without harsh chemicals. They’re a surefire way to get your paterfamilias in a mellow mood.

BUY: Oregrown, 111 NE 12th Ave., 503-477-6898.

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